'Tis the season for friends, celebrating, family- and taking photos out when it's freezing cold.
I was honoured when friends of mine asked to take their family photos. We wondered around The Exchange district of Winnipeg and enjoyed the lightly falling snow, and freeeezing temperatures.

I'm always blown away when people let me be a part of their life (for a moment) and witness them just being them. To watch a family be a family- to laugh together, poke fun at each other, and talk about everyday things...
It's something I don't take for granted, and with each photo shoot I am reminded of how special these moments are.

As for the learning- you always learn new things on photo shoots... like:
1. Watch what you wear; wearing a skirt on a cold day while shooting is not smart.
2. Invest in gloves that you can wear while using a camera *(YOUR FINGERS WILL THANK YOU!)
3. Use your surroundings- buildings, backgrounds, brick walls... You never know what works till you try.
4. Invest in GLOVES!!!
5. Have a warmup plan: lots of blankes, hoodies, and hot-hot-hot coffee!!!! And have it ready to go for when you are finished taking photos.

Happy snapping!


Sometimes I fear that when I enter into the "real world" I will never be creative enough- or that one day my creativity will run on empty... rendering me useless to the world around me. 

Then I spend a few moments looking at stuff like this an my mind is blown... and I can't wait to tackle a new project...




Woke up this morning and it was minus a bazillion outside.
Ok, so maybe it was only -26 degrees celsius, but when you are walking to work every degree counts.
Good thing winter is pretty- otherwise I'd for sure hate it.


Not many people get to say this-- but I LOVE what I do.
I love being a tante (and auntie) to five of the most loveliest, funnest, cutest, and sometimes craziest kids.
AND sometimes when I'm lucky I get a chance to take photos of them...

I get to capture a moment in their life. Freezing it for all time. Smiles. Giggles. Tears and all.


Photos Tips when taking photos of KIDDOS!

  1. Use natural light! If you can have a BIG open window instead of heaps of studio light- do it! It's easy/fun, and it means you don't need to use flash. 
  2. Put your ass to the glass. Believe it or not= this was a tip I got from a photographer friend. With you back to the light it lights the area infront perfectly... I was standing in front of a big bay window for these photos. 
  3. Get them to be laugh! Be silly with them... get them to do silly things. My niece wanted to sit upside down out of nowhere, and they are some of the BEST photos of the day *(having said that the ones where she wanted to try summersaults it wasn't so amazing... but you can delete those).
  4. Be snap happy. You never know when they'll crack a good smile, or silly face. 
  5. If you have treats- USE THEM! I didn't bring any for this shoot simply cuz my sister had things around her house... but on other shoots I've forgotten to bring them and needles to say I could have REALLY used them. 


You know you live in the prairies when weather dictates your life. This past weekend I ended up coming home early from a weekend away because the weather looked to not be friendly and I didn't want to get stuck out south of the boarder when it hit. *(nothing against the States... I just like being at home when I get snowed in.)

I'm not always a fan of the when white stuff begins to fall, but when it is as beautiful as it was this past weekend... what else can you do but take out your camera, go for a walk, and revel in the fact that getting snowed in isn't always that bad.


Welcome to the month of the stash. The month where guys pridefully grow facial hair... yes... pridefully.
Honestly, I can't lie- I'm a fan! I don't know how much a fan I am of the actual moustache... but I love people raising awareness and support for something that impacts many, and can shed light on something that many don't want to talk about.
My only complaint- is that I can't participate. I mean I can raise $$, I can support the guys in my life that are growing a fine furry friend... but I can't grow a stash of my own. And I know it's probably a good thing that I can't grow a moustache... I would probably look a little awaked... but it would be nice.
I remember having a conversation with my Dad when we found out he was diagnosed with cancer... I told him I would shave my head when he lost his hair... he looked at me, laughed, and said he'd rather I didn't. lol. I'm mean I see his point- me with a shaved head probably wouldn't look that great, but I was sad that my bros could, and here I was with hair wondering how I could support the my dad.
In January of this past year- we had a head shaving party for my dad and it was the first time I'd ever seen him without a head of hair... or a beard. It was the oddest moment in my life. But to be a support for my dad and my mom- just by simply being there was great. Being there to chat, going for coffees, being a sounding board and crying shoulder, or whatever I could be... It wasn't a shaved head, or growing a moustache but it was me being there for my dad.
So- regardless of what you can do, or grow- support the men that support the Mo!



Words cannot describe the day I had today... and a very exciting portion was dedicated to the photo shoot you see above (more photos here).
With all the different assignments I have to get through, it is wonderful to have roomies who are "willing" to join me on my crazy adventures. A huge shout-out to my bestie Jo who doesn't hesitate at the list of odd requests I throw her way. I'm guessing she is just thankful she didn't have to wear a gasmask for this one.

Some photo taking tips:
1) Take more photos not less..
2) Don't be afraid to make your subject hold odd poses- some of the weirdest angles make the best photos.
3) Hair and makeup = try something crazy (photos like this need to have some pizazz to them; seriously go nuts- tease the hair, add the liner, go big or go home!)
4) Laugh a lot- it's supposed to be fun
5) Have some good tunes playing, something that gets ya pumped up about being completely ridiculous for your shoot!

Here's to the next project!



I'm nearing the end of the semester of school- with only a few weeks left people are always encouraging me, stressing the fact that "I can do it!", that when grad comes I can do anything I want. The reality is those are dangerous words for me because, well... I WANT to do EVERYTHING! And as hard as I try, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do.
Believe me- I've tried... and it's to the point where people ask me if I even sleep anymore- ha.
I can assure you I do sleep, but there is just sooo much I would rather be doing! I want to finish school (and finish it well... not just say I survived it), I want to take more photos, do more running, spend more time in the kitchen, hang out with my friends and family more, spend time being creative, spend time laughing, spend time having good-deep and meaningful conversations over an exceptional cup of coffee... I want to make better coffee, get away and travel somewhere, spend more time at home, spend more time designing things, spend less time sitting on my bottom, spend more time reading, spend more time crocheting, spend time overhauling this blog, spend time walking the trails in the woods, spend time jumping off of cliffs, or sitting in a canoe on a lake. All of these things I can do... but it seems that my biggest hold up is that I CAN'T do everything.
Some days I get a chance to do a few of these things- sometimes I try hitting two birds with one stone *(like laughing till I cry over a game in media production that I may or may have taken a bit tooo seriously- lol- now people know just how competitive I can be. Or studying with friends while drinking great coffee, or having a crocheting party while investing time watching my new obsession (Community).)

Sometimes you can do a few things ya want... but doing everything isn't an option. The sooner it seems I learn that the more time I'll have to just sit, take a big breath, and relax... apparently something people say I need to try more often.

So while I run off to do something else... sit and ponder... relax... and listen


My friends A&C are waiting and have been for some time now.
Over three years ago they began the LENGTHY process to adopt. Without a shadow of a doubt, they are some of the loveliest people I know and yet, their journey has been a difficult one. They tried to adopt locally in Canada, but seemed to be getting no where. So recently, they've decided to make the treck across the globe and live in Africa for a year so and adopt from over there.
I got a chance to photograph some adoption/family photos for them before they head off, and let me tell you what a blessing it was.
I'm excited for their journey, their story, and maybe in the next year a visit with them in Africa while they wait for their little loved one to join their family.

To their little one: Although we don't know you by name, we're excited to see you!!! You are loved already *(more than you probably know), but you well worth the wait.

And while we wait... we listen to this.

waitin*for you

Celebrating thankfulness, with cancer?

Here in Canada this past Monday we celebrated Thanksgiving- a time to reflect on al the blessings we have in life, both big and small. We celebrate with family, a big meal, and a day off! (I was extra thankful for the day off because I had assignments galore to do.)

On Thursday I also celebrated my dad's 61st birthday. 61 years of life lived- 27 of which I've been able to be a part of. I'm thankful for him in my life: the wisdom he has shared, the rock he is in my life, the epic facial hair he is known for, the love he has for his family, the faith he walks out on a daily basis.

This year I was especially thankful, as this year also marks the year my dad faced cancer head on.  In 2011 he was diagnosed and started receiving treatment. It wasn't one of those "nice" cancers *(not that there are any nice ones)- it was one of those ones you wish on nobody; not a friend or foe. 

This past year was where everything really happend- bone marrow transplants, a douce of treatment wiping out his entire imune system, his beard disappearing, and his slow steps to recovery. I honestly can't even begin to imagine what it was like for him, but I know for me - it was hard seeing my strong dad no longer physically strong. It was difficult trying to figure out how to help. It was painful wanting to fix something I couldn't. I didn't really talk about it much, because it seemed that the more I talked the more real it became. And the more it seemed people in my life were being affected by the c* word.

But spring came, and he was doing better. He wasn't able to do the normal farming routine *(but no one minded- he was still around). The boys took over seeding, spraying, and harvest was soon underway. I spent my time documenting it *(my IPP- which was inspired by this journey of my dad, and wanting to make sure we had life on out family farm captured.)

And then all of a sudden here we are. It's fall. It's a time to celebrate. It's a time to be thankful.

In the mids of this past year - I didn't think there was much to celebrate or be thankful for. I was certainly not thankful for cancer. Looking back though, I see how much I do have to be thankful for, and how even in the middle of the c* word I could rely on a faith in a God that is bigger than even these situations. That even in the bad of life He is walking along side.

I am thankful for my dad, for one more year with him in my life, for the potential year ahead. Yes.

I'll celebrate that.

the C*word

If you have ever read my blog before, one thing is certain- my life is governed by a little program i'm in called Creative Communications. It's a lovely two year program that pushes you to the brink of sheer insanity and back *(you think I'm being dramatic? Think again). Many of us in CreComm suffer from minimal sleep, a strickt diet of caffeine, and a fondness for overflowing schedules- my roommates can vouch for this. But as much as we consider our lives to be crazy, we do pride ourselves in that very fact. We live for the moments pushing ourselves to the max, and then telling everyone who we come into contact with that the last time I had to eat something other than something from the Tim Hortons in the school cafeteria was two weeks ago.

Having said that- we need all the help we can get when it comes to making sure we get through the two years as unharmed as possible. Cue the CreComm*Toolkit= things that have helped me get through CreComm, tools, tips tricks, things that every communicator could use. 

So what's todays recommendation of things I can't seem to live without?! 
Google Calendar:
If you don't have a Google Account- GO NOW. Get one. Use it for your emailing, your blogging, your documents *(don't even get me started on Google docs! They are group project's answer to prayer) but also your calendar. 
I don't know how many times this thing has saved my butt. I have about 5 different calendars on it, telling me everything from assignments that need to get done, classes to show up to, coffees to attend, and meetings I need to show up for. Without it, I honestly would be lost. 
I make sure I set up not only the who, what, where or when, something needs to happen, but I set up allerts telling me when things are going down. This might not sound interesting to you, but when you have a HEAP of things on the go- to get an email *(and txt message) saying that in an hour you better be somewhere- that you may or may not have remembered you said you would be at... you will thank your Google friends that you made it in time.  
I kid you not- at the beginning of the school year because I had to get used to new schedules and stuff I forgot things frequently and it was thanks to a txt reminder from my calendar that I was supposed to meet up with someone to hand something off to them. Without it I would have been hooped. 
Google Calendar also syncs well with your phone, or iCal, or whatever other things you use. 

*HINT: Regardless of what calendar you chose to use, my biggest piece of advise is be consisten. Pick a system and stick to it. Don't deviate, and build it into your lifestyle. When you have something going on- or 10 different things going on- write them down, and be sure to check back *(or in Google's case- have them txt you when things need to get done! You'll be thankful you did.)


Welcome to blogXperiment #1! 
It's Wednesday- so welcome to my*world= and some of the amazing projects I get to work on.

A few weeks ago I had the most wonderful time photographing my friends s&s at their wedding... Yesterday I got to hand over the finished photos and hear about how life is goin' for the newlyweds. Sigh. They are tooo cute.
You can check out some more of their photos here.
* Some things I learned from this shoot....

  1. You can never have enough memory cards on a wedding day. I felt like I was always filling cards up... so right after the wedding I started to purchase/stockpile a heap of 16-32GB cards. ha.
  2. Group photos are something you have to practice a LOT to get good at. 
  3. Bright sunny days suck. So I tried to work with them instead of fight them. 

And yes... if've you've been following some of my crazy projects in the past you may have recognized these lovely two from this...



Welcome to the official blogXperiment lab!
I've decided it's time for me to step up to the plate and take a swing at some blogging changes.

So... here are the rules. 
1) Post at least twice in one week.
2) Each day that I blog on has a specific topic- like...

    • Monday= 30 day challenge updates
    • Tuesday= HELP*CreComm (tools ya need to survive Communications living)
    • Wednesday= my*World: projects that I'm working on.
    • Thursday= Photos: tips/tricks/projects
    • Friday= Simple*life
I won't be posting every day, but hopefully by doing this it'll get me into a routine of blogging and experimenting with different topics that are near and dear to my heart- and deciding what I really want this blog to all be about. 

So raise your venti, light ice, nonfat caramel macchiato! And Go!

*feel free to comment and let me know what you think about the good, bad and ugly of this all.


For the past few weeks, I've been trying to figure out what blogging looks like for me. I've spent time making lists, asking questions, making more lists... and I've come to the conclusion. For the longest time I thought to be a real blogger I could only write about one thing- and that I would have to be an expert on that subject. This drove me to near insanity because if you know me you know that I'm an expert in being a Jill of all triads. I love to learn about things that I don't know about, I love to pick up new hobbies, I like trying new things... and so to pick ONE  thing to blog about was as hard as picking a drink at Starbucks.
So what's this conclusion I had? As a baby blogger (someone still figuring this stuff all out) my blog really needs to be a sum of all of me. I realized my "thing" is having many things, and that a) I can't just pick one thing... and b) if I could pick a "thing" I wouldn't be able to write about anything without feeling like I didn't have enough to say, or important enough info to consider myself an "expert".
What does this mean for this blog?! Experiments!!! Seeing that it is the beginning of a new month I'm going roll out something I call BlogXperiment. I'm going to be posting different things on different days of the week that have to do with different topics/ ides/ interests I have. This hopefully will either help me figure out what I like bloggin' about, and also help me figure out what's important for you to read about.
I'm really excited about this because, well, either way- I get to figure out what makes me me... and let you join for the ride.
So here is to this weekend- this blog- and BlogXperiment 101.
Details coming October 1!


blog=sum*of ALL its parts

In my quest to figure out what exactly blogging looks like for me (k*sara), I've been taking a serious look at my blog-reading habits. My google reader is teeming with amazing bloggers who I follow- like kal, or elise, or these messy girls, or this young guy, I even follow some incredible businesses because they are just that cool and creative.  *(for other blogs I may be addicted to... look on my sidebar)
I follow them, not with the hopes that they follow me (how cool is that if they did though?!)- but that their life inspires, influences, and keeps me current in my creative zone. I like seeing how other people see life, how they internalize and shape the things they hear, and how in the end they in turn shape the world around them. Their blog is evidence of how they live and are in this world.
Like I mentioned last post- I don't always "read" everything that is there. I'm a visual learner, so the more visual things are the longer you probably have my attention. Ha. But on the off chance I have time to read, I do. And sometimes I just like getting to know another persons space.
 All of that being said, it makes me wonder how much I need to fret over my blog because in reality my voice is my voice- it wil come through, and be the consistent regardless of what I blog about. It's still the topic of blog that I need to figure out. Eeeek.
So- I'll throw it in your court- what do you like to read? What are your go-to blogs? And more importantly why?


follow*the leader

A little bit ago I said that I'm in the process of changing my blog and to watch for new things to come. If you are a follower at all you probably have noticed that NOTHING has changed yet.... and for that I apologize. I want to change it, I'm just not sure how. 
I recently sat down with someone with words of wisdom on this topic to get me thinking- She asked some great questions, but it left me even more unclear of what direction I want to take this blog. I LOVE/am about soo many things: photography, crafts, design, food related stuff, farming, being Mennonite, missions work, my job, my faith, running, knitting, crocheting, filming, video editing... do I need to keep going? Last year my blog was about all of this stuff and then some! And to think about narrowing it down makes my head spin. Sometimes I don't like narrowing things down because I want all the options open to me; but I know that with a blog I'm not just writing for me... I'm writing to share things with you (whoever you are), and to remember that you are reading for a reason.
Maybe you are "reading" because you like the content, or like the photos, or can relate to me... but I don't know why- and I don't want to just write stuff that I did during the day or whatever. I want to write with a reason in mind- I want to write for more than just me- I want to write to add value to the world around me *(and when I say "write" I mean post not only words, but images, things that inspire etc.). And more so I want to write from my perspective, but which one do i pick?!

So I'm left with questions... what makes a blog important? and what makes it important to you? What makes you keep coming back for more? Do you just like to look at photos or videos? Do you even read content?! (cuz sometimes I follow some blogs for the cute photos and have yet to read a word they write? eeek!) Bah- so many options... it makes me feel stuck to where I am.


Blog* worthy

I'm currently sitting in one of my favourite places in the world. It's a place that I spent all of my summers at, and loved it so much that I moved here for a few years.
I still loves it so much that drove eight hours for a two hour meeting - and a chance to see the place and people I love. This weekend is my Simonhouse weekend. This is the weekend I come home!
Hope you enjoy your weekend!


Let the weekend *Begin!

After a lovely summer with sporadic well timed posts. Now that we are back in routine *(ie. back in school) we're back into the swing of blogging.
But with a "new year" comes a new look to k*sara. I'm not 100% sure what's all on the agenda for changes here, but for sure a few layout changes... and probably a few new blog post ideas!!! *(As of right now they are TOP SECRET) but soon to be revealed! So keep an eye out for some new things... new ideas... and well.. NEW Posts!



It's been a crazy August- harvest is in full swing, which means I'm in filming mode. It seems my IPP is taking over my life... and full apologies to those in my life who seem to get the short end of this deal. But I promise in about 10 months it will all be over- and the crazyness of this project will be finished (*maybe?!).
Until then- enjoy this clip!


and*so it goes

If only I could bottle the smell of harvest air.
A fresh breeze blowing while straw blows along the field stubble.
This is my favourite time  of year.
To help capture the moments- my niece *E joined me for the adventure.
"We're the family photographers Tante Kristin!" she told me.
"But don't worry... I won't fire you!" she added *(with a slight hesistation).
Somehow I get the feeling I will be out of a job soon.


farm*n family

This past weekend I got to spend some time floating *(and paddling hard) across a few lakes in Western Ontario. It was filled with amazing company, adventurous spirits,  and beautiful scenery. You couldn't ask for more, especially since we are now blazing through the final few days of summer *(and my schedule for classes was recently posted- talk about reality check).
Hope your summer's been as blessed as mine!

3 RED* canoes

This past weekend I was able to spend a beautiful day with some of my lovelies!! I had a fun time taking photos! (But truthfully, I think the girls really enjoyed the part when we had "coffee break" and sat drinking juice and snaking on smarties).
Happy soon to be 5 *L! And *E, you are soooo a grown up and wise!
Love you both- your Tante [k]


It's SUMMER!!!
I'm out doing my summer thing... and you should be too!!! So posts will be minimal.
Enjoy the heat while you can!


So- while most students take a break during the summer months, I get the honour of working on a year long project. There is no need for sadness though, because a) I was the one that pitched the idea, and 2) I get the chance to film something I LOVE!
I'm doing a video documentary on the transition of the family farm from one generation to the next. I picked it because... well- my family farm is currently being passed down from my dad to my brothers *(and secretly I just long to capture beauty our farm).
Filming is currently underway- and I'm loving every minute of it *(but I do wish I could get out there more often!)


It's running season- and I took it upon myself to join the CreComm Crew of runners for the Manitoba Marathon Relay!
The feeling of starting with thousands of runners was almost overwhelming as Chariots of Fire blasted over the sound system. It was just under a six mile run... but it made my lungs crave for more... I'm seriousy thinking a half is in order for fall.
So here is to training my butt off... literally!


During the course of this year I will be tackling a project of EPIC proportions! As a second year Creative Communications program we are required to do a HUGE project of our choosing. As long as the project we made was of an adequate length, challenge, time commitment... oh ya- and fits in the realm of communications... it's good to go! We had to pitch the idea to a panel and meet with an adviser... and well- work our butts off.

My IPP is a video documentary on the family farm. I grew up on a family farm and loved every minute of it. Going to school in the BIG CITY for both high school and university I couldn't believe people hadn't experienced the same things I did, nor did they understand the world I came from. With this project I wanted to share the things I've loved all my life with the world around me. For them to feel the heart of the family farm. My dream isn't to share the "how to's" of farming- *(you won't come out of this documentary knowing what crops should yield)- it's to share the life of a farm, and more importantly the heart of the people who fight to keep it alive.

Here are some of the "progress" that has come out of the insanity so far...


It's finished! School is done for the year, and minus a few more meetings and greetings, I will no longer be able to use my trusted student card to grant me access into the inner workings of RRCs downtown campus. Sigh. 
Looking back it has been a crazy year- It feels like only yesterday when I started the CreComm lifestyle with all of it's busyness. The amount of assignments, late nights, group projects were UNREAL! I thought it was a joke how people said CreComm would consume your life, but I shouldn't have laughed. lol
After countless hours of homework, InDesign projects, video making, outings to things I would never normally go to, I stand here today in shock and awe that it is all over for this year. And a head of me stares a blank slate called summer. Who knows what I'm going to fill all of my "free" time with. Who knows what will now consume my every waking moment. 

Clearly I have a couple of things I've been looking into, but I wonder if it will live up to my current standard of busy. At the same time, it might be nice to have a different pace. 
Either way- I know this much. Summer is exciting because there is a whole new list of things to do: like paint the house, work on some pinterest projects, get some great footage of my farm, do some photography for some lovely people about to be wedded, go for a run come fathers day, fine some good music to make into my summer soundtrack, maybe travel somewhere, or camp somewhere, maybe get in a bit of gardening, sewing, and sitting and relaxing by some source of water. Who knows... maybe I'll do none of that stuff on my list, or maybe all of it. I'm just in such shock, because I haven't had a summer like this since gr. 10. Every summer I have ever experienced consisted of me either living at camp, volunteering as a speaker, or filming in another country. Now I'm just left with a blank canvas and I'm not sure what I want the finished product to look like. Maybe I'll spend some time next week sittin in a Starbucks, pondering the meaning of summer- or maybe I'll just apply to work there and enjoy the sounds and smells of roasted coffee!!!

In the meantime I hope to keep on-top of this blogging thing- maybe post some of the cool things, projects, or whatever I do over the summer. And hopefully by the time fall kicks into gear I'll have great things to share, or at least a great tan to remember the four months "off" of CreComm... only to be right back into the swing of things- and even more exciting is that next year is CreComm: The PR edition!!! *(brace yourselves.... I know I certainly will be)


CreComm is a marathon. You don't run it like you're running a sprint- you run knowing that it is a journey with hills, valleys, and of course moments when you might hit the wall.
However, being in CreComm is not like a marathon in the fact that activity levels turn you more into a couch potato, not less. Since being in the program (and juggling work) I have had little time to do things like exercise (my own fault I know- but saddening non the less). That is why when there was an opportunity to get back into the a running routine I JUMPED at the chance. I, along with four others are entered into the Manitoba Marathon Relay. I'm excited because it gets me back in the running routine, and because I find I am a challenge driven kind of girl.
Believe it or not, the last time I ran with any amount of purpose was back in 2009 when I decided I was going to run the MB Marathon... all 26.2 miles of it! It was the first race I had ever entered and I was excited beyond belief to take on the mother of all challenges. I had been watching The Biggest Looser one day and figured if they can run a marathon- then I can run one. So I signed up. And clearly there was no backing out for me.

Weekends took on a whole new meaning- running 20 plus miles closer to the end of training. I remember people asking what I was up to on the weekend and I would tell them I was running to the perimeter and back. They looked at me with a shocked expression, probably because I live downtown and for some people driving that distance seems to be a task. I remember on my off days having "short runs" of 6-10 miles= ha! By the time the marathon came I was logging countless miles and drinking gallons of water.
Running the thing was a whole other matter- probably one of the craziest experience I have ever had in my life! When the gun went off - with Chariots of Fire playing- I ran for the first 10 miles without blinking. I was in a sea of people and just moving! I hit the "great divide" (the point where full marathoners and half marathoners split) I was still running off the initial adrenaline. But as I saw the "serious" being weeded out from the "sissies" it hit me that I had just been running the same pace that people running half the distance were running.... eeek. By mile 13 I my legs were in pain and all I could think was "If I had signed up for the half I would be done by now!" At mile 16, they said it was getting to hot and they were shutting down the course for anyone who hadn't made it past mile 14 (this was a nice kick in the pants to keep me movin!). At mile 20 with no bathroom in sight - I ended up running into a complete strangers house to use theirs= I'm forever indebted to them!!!! At mile 24 I don't even know if I was running anymore or just walking at a quickish pace. And when they called my name when I entered the stadium I nearly lost it when I realized I still had to run the track to get to my destination (the free popsicles, chocolate milk, and bagels! lol).
The next day I went to work (NEVER do I recommend going to work the next day) - and found my name in the list of finishers for the marathon. Goal completed!
But still sooo many more goals to accomplish- and if I can finish the marathon, I can certainly finish CreComm... and I an finish the 5.6 miles I'll be running this fathers day. *(secretly I'm hoping it will get me into the groove so I can run the marathon again... because like all good things= It's addictive! And one day checking off the Boston Marathon, or New York Marathon, or one in Hawaii would be a very COOL THING!)


*SPOILER ALERT- this  is an assignment for a play I went to! Continue reading if you so choose.

It was a good thing that I showed up early to the Crocus building last week Wednesday to see the play Dionysus in Stony Mountain. Instead of only walking to the second floor to find the Rachel Browne Theatre, I may have run up to the sixth floor instead. With the sixth floor on lock down- I walked down to the second floor where I found the stage ready and waiting for the two act play that was about to begin.

Dionysus in Stony Mountain is centered on three characters played by two actors (Sarah Constible and Ross McMillan). Themes of mental illness, slave morality, rehabilitation, religion, the death of religion, run throughout the two 55 minute acts. With the first act focusing on James (a Mennonite inmate at Stony Mountain) and his psychiatrist Heidi. James is nearing his parole date, but has decided to stop taking lithium for his mental illness. Increasingly James is becoming philosophical, discussing the philosophies of slave morality, but is also becoming more unstable and agitated. Heidi, conserned that he won't be able to be leave Stony if he stops taking his medicaiton,  convinces him to continue with treatment in exchange for her quitting her job (a job she has never loved). The bond between James and Heidi is evident, but you soon realized Heidi has crossed the line making such a deal with James. And in act two you see the repercussions of it.

The second act followed Heidi's story, as James had committed suicide. Heidi is left picking up the pieces of her own life, feeling like she is unable to help anyone. Her uncle comes for a visit (played also by Ross), and they discuss why she has chosen to leave her job, what she is to do next, and how her own mental instability has affected the situation.

Throughout the entire play I found myself drifting in and out of the dialogue. It was filled with intense content that I feel I would have to pick a part piece at a time and not just ingest in two 55 minute seating.  I was also distracted by the accents (Ross' interpretation of a Mennonite that sounded more Irish, and Sarah trying to sound Jewish Mennonite), as well as the stage direction of Heidi not knowing how to re-insulate her house. She spent much of the second act measuring out the same pieces of insulation for interior walls, which typically don't need insulation at all. I also spent a lot of time wondering who Dionysus was... and was left at the end of the play with the question - Why was He in Stony Mountain?

 Overall, I would say it was a good play for an audience that wasn't me. I think the audience that was in attendance (and paid full price of $25 for the ticket) was very interested in the play and what it had to offer. I on the other hand had paid $10, and am still trying to figure out what I spent the money on.

Who is Dionysus... and why are they in Stony?

Things I get to do in CreComm... making videos over the long weekend!
Special thanks and congrats to Sarah and Stephen- the starts of this video who are gettin married in Aug.
And to Starbucks- for providing the caffeine to get me through this!


Want to move to Winkler?!?!!

 *A story of my trip to Winkler Manitoba

Driving to Winkler is like driving home. The hour and a half car ride flies by as the mile roads mark the journey away from Winnipeg. For many, the moment you breach the perimeter of the big city is the moment civilization is lost. But for some, venturing into the country brings the opportunity to slow down and feel like you belong.
When you walk the streets of Winkler people stop to smile or wave, and instead of 7-Elevens on every corner you encounter churches. If you stop by the public library you can discover the history of Winkler from talking to a librarians rather then picking up a book. And after chatting they include some of the current main attractions of this growing city of over 10,000.
On this particular Saturday afternoon two teams take to the ice at the Winkler Arena. Both are dressed in the hometown hockey jersey of the Winkler Flyers. In light jerseys are the current Winkler Flyers team, and in dark jerseys are the 1991-92 Winkler Flyers team, who are about to be inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame.
“They are having a scrimmage game today to give fans a chance to see their old heroes on the ice one last time,” says Matthew Friesen, Director of Communications for the Winkler Flyers, (who let me take photos from behind the bench).
“People who can’t afford the $100 on the Jets game come here and spend $10,” Friesen says, who moved to Winkler for his job and stayed because he loves raising his family here.
“It’s a good place to live because really, you have everything you want here without a lot of the problems of a bigger centre. And Jonny’s Java is cool,” Friesen says.
The mecca for coffee lovers in town, Jonny’s Java, is located at 555 South Railway. The large sliver cube building holds both Jonny’s and Co-op Electronics. Upon the giant chandelier, concrete counter tops, and bright red coffee mugs make you feel like you’ve entered something reserved for coffee connoisseurs instead of a country coffee shop.
“When this one first opened and people walked in they would be like ‘I don’t feel like am I'm in Winkler anymore. I love it!’” says Megan Hiebert, a barista at Jonny’s. “It feels like you are in an actual city or something.”
But Jonny’s isn’t for coffee snobs. Instead there are those who come on coffee breaks by day, younger crowd at night and families that pop in for their fruit smoothies. Prices range from $1.50 for an espresso, to $4.95 for a large smoothie, and there are a variety of fresh baked goods. Their hours are impressive; open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on during the week, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.
“We want to provide a great drink but we want to make and create friendships here,” Hiebert says. A slogan the whole town seems to be embracing.

For more information on Winkler, the Winkler flyers, or Jonny’s Java check out

Winkler Bound

To close to home. That's what I felt when I heard that we were reading Journey For Justice: How ‘Project Angel’ Cracked the Candace Derksen Case, by Mike McIntrye. The story begins 3 moths before I was born in November of 1984. Candace Derksen was walking home from her high school, Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute (same high school I attended) when she went missing. People were questioned and accused (people I know). And it took over a moth before she was found, frozen to death in a shed a few block away from where she was abducted. There was no killer found, no suspects left, and the case seemed to be at a stand still leaving communities in limbo. Fast forward 26 years, and Mark Grant is convicted of second degree murder of Candace. 
Journey for Justice shares the journey of the Derksen family through the abduction, the process of uncovering a case that had gone cold, and the trial and conviction of her killer. It also describes a place and community of faith that I am well acquainted with- it describes connections of my life.
Mike McIntyre takes excerps from Wilma Derksens telling of the story, Have You Seen Candace?, as well as interviews, excerpts from official documents, and news releases. The first part of the book relies heavily on Wilma's excerpts, allowing the read to connect with tragedy at a more personal level. You get to see and experinece what Wilma and her family went through. When reading I could see myself talking on the phone at MBCI, walking to cornerstone that Candace bought stuff from, and walking Talbot Ave. when she went missing.
As the story progresses McIntyre changes tactics and uses more official documents, court records and interviews to tell the rest of the story. As a reader I found it hard to connect with the parts of the book that relied more on documentation rather then Wilma's story telling abilities. It was also hard to believe as a reader that the quotes we were reading could be direct quotes, when some of the quotations happened a quarter of a century earlier. I felt like I was read a document rather then being a part of the story.
As a piece of non-fiction, I found it interesting the balance of story telling weaved in with facts. I know writing articles for a paper is a lot different then the story we read, but there were evident portions of the book that seemed to be written more in that style verses a story. I wonder for this story if it might be better told either in a more consistent voice, like Myrl Coulter's book The House with the Broken Two.
When the time came for Wilma and Mike came to talk to us in class about the book I was excited to see them in person. As they told their stories and why they needed to write it, I sat there wishing I could sit just with Wilma, to ask her questions like what did it take for you to survive? How did you keep your sanity? How did you learn to forgive? I wanted to chat with her about what she told the reporters after the case, about how she said, "We grieve. This is just putting another life away, so that's hard. This doesn't bring Candace back,". 
It was nice to hear about how the book was written, about the process and the content, but I longed to hear more about the story, and the life that was and now is Candace. I wanted more insight into their story, because I think with all the connections I had to it I was really looking for more insight into my story.

A Journey for Justice

It might not be spring break for me- I'm stuck in classes- but for high school students in Manitoba they are running through the streets instead of being trapped in desks. lol
And for a group of students they are experiencing something very unique. It's called SOAR Heartland, and its a 10 missions trip in the inner city of Winnipeg. For many of them Winnipeg is their home, so experiencing the downtown core gives them a whole new perspective on the city and the issues. 
Over the 10 days I got the insane opportunity to head up a media team for SOAR. The team was designated the task of documenting the 10 days, producing same day edits montages of the days events, and posting them and more online. Like I said before, I was in school though- thankfully I had an amazing team that worked their butts off and did a fantastic job. 
you can see some of their amazing work here:

Interestingly enough I got a chance to do a streeter in Journalism class... and I was lucky enough to write about whatever I wanted to... so knowing that all these kids were spending the day running around the streets, I knew what i was going to write:
355 students are hitting the street today for a learning tour on the inner city of Winnipeg. They’ve given up their spring break to find out about core issued in the city, volunteer with local organizations, and more importantly build relationships with the people that live in the area. SOAR Heartland, the program that runs the spring break trip, uses the first few days to orientate the students to the communities they will spend time volunteering in.
“We hope to see students learn about the issues in the city and experience and interact with the people,” says Amber Hamm, one of the special event coordinators for SOAR.
“I love to see students learn about something new and see them get excited about it,” Hamm said on the phone while running in between two of the 23 different sites that students will be visiting today.
Peggy Abbott,volunteer support staff at Siloam Mission, waits for a stream of students to arrive. Siloam Mission is one of the learning tour sites and hopes that students will get not only an understanding of what Siloam Mission does, but what some of the challenges their patrons face.
“I find it exciting to give students an opportunity to know what the issues are. They can’t turn things around if they don’t see the issues,” says Abbott.
From 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. students will be walking around the inner city stopping at specific locations to learn about a different topics faced by Winnipeg's less fortunate. From homelessness, to prostitution, and mental illness the students learn about a world different from their own.
“They come from a different frame of reference and bring their questions and insight into the issues,” says Abbott, about the students who typically come from suburban and rural areas.
“Its good to immerse yourself in the culture before you go into help it,” says Shale Tweed, who came all the way from British Columbia to participate in SOAR. 


Posters I make.... 

Posters I wish I could make...


*Satuday's always go better with a soundtrack. 
Today-- is the day that I begin making list upon list of things that need to get done. 
I'm officially calling March= March Madness! The list of things happening at school and in life is GROWING exponentially... So while I make some lovely lists... I listen, and sing along.

*these last two are the same song... but it is just to funny to watch-
Enjoy the weekend!!

soundtrack*to saturday

At 3:15 today it was official... I embarked on a new year of life. I can't really lie... I've not always liked birthdays- mostly because it means I'm getting older and my list of things to do is still long. But this year was amazing= it was the year of class!
I had ambitious dreams this year. I made myself a list of 26 things to do... and surprisingly a lot of it got done!
At the top of the list was-
  1. Get into CreComm= CHECK!
  2. Do a legit photo shoot (ie. get paid for taking photos)= Double CHECK! *I even tackled a wedding!
  3. Travel outside of North America!= I think Thailand would classify as a Check on that one. *see photo above... oh, only in Thailand.
  4. Read 8 books willingly (not for homework/assignments)= Check!
... and the list went on.

There were some things that were ongoing projects; like flossing my teeth on a daily basis (its on the list cuz it's a classy thing to do).
There were things that were half done- like my one of two sewing projects that I finished.
And sadly there were some things that didn't... like memorizing an entire book of the Bible, or running a half marathon, or design a canvas print for my dining room...
But alas- you can't do everything in one year!!! So here is to putting them on the list of 27 with all the things that will get done. To all the sewing, running, traveling, the creatively inspired, photographically amazing, and  randomly awesome things that will happen= this year is for you.
But first, a name needs to be chosen for a year of this magnitude.
Any suggestions?!


photo by: k*sara
Almost 12 hours till decisions are made, majors are picked, and plans are finalized.

*all the best for all the plans and decisions ya got to make!


*This video was brought to you by our tv production class and tv group3. Our infomercial is for a new and wonderful product called Stuffed Mates- stuffed toys for adults to bring back the joy of your childhood.
Thanks to the crew and group 2 that helped for the actual filming of our live to tape 12-15min show (maybe you'll get a chance to see that one day too).

For more info videos on Stuffed Mates - see here!


What do ya do when you get bored in Manitoba during a winter... ya drag people behind trucks on snowy roads- that's what ya do!
I was sorting through some old videos I put together from last year and came across this one. I figured that since it's almost the weekend it might give some inspiration for things to do in the middle of a Manitoba Winter... but remember... Safety First!

*Please note: This film, nor the makers, endorse the dragging of people behind vehicles!!!
The people in this video are all adults and chose to participate.
**PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! (or anywhere else)***


While assignment deadlines loom I try to find distractions inspiration to keep me motiviated...  this was today's. 
*who knew a car could play good music. 

sound*track to life

Source: flickr.com via k*[Sara] on Pinterest

Today was "The DAY"- The day we were presented with major and elective choices for our second year in CreComm.

Media Production
Public Relations

I sat there stunned- Is there an option where I can pick multiple majors?! What if I want to do them all?!!!?
Clearly the answer is No. But, in my heart of hearts I know secretly I will wish I could have been in more than one. Sigh.
So... for now... I found a great mantra when it comes to picking a major... and we'll see what happens.
Wise words Julia, wise words.
*more to come about my dilemma about picking between my Communication future.


It's the week of projects and due dates... and I'm workin overtime here in CreComm vill.
In moments like this 2 things happen:
1. I'm usually found on my kitchen floor eating out of a peanut butter jar- Thankfully because of this challenge for another project I won't be doing it because... well... the peanut butter I like to eat has sugar in it! WHO KNEW!?
2. I LOVE to make up random playlists of music to listen to- and hit the repeat button. Currently I have only one song on that list...

and though I should share my love.
Here's to surviving , enduring,   acing the week!


Watch this...
because words can NOT describe how much this resonates with me right now.

I feel like I have good taste when it comes to design, ideas, creative stuff... the stuff I make well= it isn't great. Not yet, anyway. But after the HUGE VOLUME OF WORK
that CreComm puts ya through...
the G A P should be shrinking. Right?!
Maybe that is why I have assignments due all the time?
Recently, while talking to one of my roommates she says, "Your stuff is soooo much better than when you first started."
I thought to myself... funny because MY TASTE in what is GOOD hasn't changed...
so what's making it better?!Maybe after this HUGE VOLUME OF WORK I do will one day my work will meet my tastes!
Even as I look back through my first few pieces of writing, or design, or creative I did at the beginning of the year I can slowly start to see the difference.
So I guess it's a good thing- all this work.
I guess this is the CreComm way of fighting the way through that.

why this is*CRECOMM!!!

*photo and design by k*Sara
Inspiring word from a classy lady; share with me by a lovely friend;
made complete by the possibilities in life and the adventure it holds
(and of course the lovely little lady in the photo).

Hope it encourages you.


I have come to realize that all things in second semester CreComm are founded on The Magazine Project! There is NO escaping it. Whether you are in PR class, Ad class, Journalism, or Creative Writing, you're doing magazine stuff. I'm not complaining- because the more we do in class the less we do in our outside life. However, I decided to take the project "home" with me to truly embrace the project with my whole heart- Enter the 30 Day Program!

My group decided to do a magazine on Wiebe Chiropractic Centre focused on the different essentials of living, and part of those essentials is nutrition- specifically on removing the junk we consume in our day to day lives. To do first hand research I took on the challenge- the 30 Day Program (or Advanced Plan) which means NOT eating SUGAR (which apparently is in everything), Grains (even the good whole greans), most Fruit (only berries and green apples in moderation) and anything else that turns into instant sugar when you ingest it (like carrots, or sweet potatos... sigh).

Yesterday was officially my initiation to the program. I sat in a room full of people at the Convention Centre listening to someone tell us just exactly we would survive without crashing and burning when our body turns against us out of desperation for sugar. Let me tell you- it made me question why I would do it, and why the rest of the room would even think of committing to something like it. I LOVE my diet pop, my coffee with sweetener, a slice of bread, a bite of fruit, delicious sweet potatoes, my diet pop, some oatmeal for breakfast, my diet pop... did I mention I'm going to miss Diet POP!!!!
Either way- I committed... and although they call it a Program - I call it a CHALLENGE- and their ain't no way I'm backing down on this one.

Check out the Challenge HERE-


*Side note: side effects include sugar withdrawal which can cause headaches, cravings, and mood swings... IE- appologies to friends, family, people I bump into, classmates, and instructors- It's not you... It's me, soon unpleasantness will pass! (Fingers crossed!)


Like I mentioned here, I have a LIST of things to do before my 26th year is up. One of those things being that I need to read EIGHT books willingly. I emphasize the EIGHT because... well... I don't read much, and it's probably eight times more books then I read in the previous year. I add the willingly because I have to read stuff for school... and I figured that shouldn't count.
Believe it or not (with over a month before deadline) I FINISHED my eighth book!

Not being the most avid reader, I'm always hesitant when it comes to picking up a book. I worry that I won't like it, or I will only make it past the first chapter and then loose interest. So when I grabbed this one my guard was up.
But after a half hour of reading- I was hooked. I loved the story (a man near the end of life sharing his life's insights), the people (Morrie: the professor who as ALS; Mitch: who used to be his college student), and the words of wisdom...
"So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning." (p.43)

"You have to find what's good and true and beautiful in your life as it is now. Looking back makes you competitive. And, age is not a competitive issue." (p.120)

To hear advice on life, or more so the end of life is bizarre (probably because no one ever talks about it). But it's cool because how often do you think about it? How often do we live life with the end in mind? How would you do things differently when you know you are on a time limit? What becomes important? What do you value?


"I hope," said Gloriana warily, "that you are not going to suggest that I marry the American minister because I won't do it.  I've been reading about the Americans in a women's magazine and they're all cruel to their wives." 
"Cruel to their wives?" echoed the count.
"Precisely.  They treat them as equals.  They refuse to make any decisions without consulting them.  They load them up with worries they should keep to themselves.  And when there isn't enough money, they send them out to work instead of earning more by their own efforts.  Some of them even make their wives work so they can go to college.  They are not men at all.  They are men-women.  And their wives are women-men.  If I am to marry, I want a husband who will be a man and let me be a woman.  I'll be able to handle him better that way."
*Leonard Wibberley, "The Mouse that Roared" 

crazy how perspective changes things...

words* to ponder

This last week we had the lovely people from Velocity Branding (a Winnipeg based brand strategy/marketing agency) come and chat with first year CreComm students.
There was some wonderful advise from Chris and Jason about branding...

Something that I really was struck by was the slide above "A brand is NOT what you say it is... It is what THEY say it is."
When I was creating my brand  last semester for class I remember struggling to know what to write about myself... I wanted it to not only sound great but be true to who I am. I spent hours on this (mostly sitting in front of a blank screen). And it struck me that I didn't use my greatest resource... I didn't ask others what it is they would say about me.
Clearly, it is a little awkward to talk to people about what they think of me, BUT it is way more authentic then having a list of words that I think are true to me, when really they aren't.
So the real question is who do you think I am? And am i true to what I say?!


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