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A little bit ago I said that I'm in the process of changing my blog and to watch for new things to come. If you are a follower at all you probably have noticed that NOTHING has changed yet.... and for that I apologize. I want to change it, I'm just not sure how. 
I recently sat down with someone with words of wisdom on this topic to get me thinking- She asked some great questions, but it left me even more unclear of what direction I want to take this blog. I LOVE/am about soo many things: photography, crafts, design, food related stuff, farming, being Mennonite, missions work, my job, my faith, running, knitting, crocheting, filming, video editing... do I need to keep going? Last year my blog was about all of this stuff and then some! And to think about narrowing it down makes my head spin. Sometimes I don't like narrowing things down because I want all the options open to me; but I know that with a blog I'm not just writing for me... I'm writing to share things with you (whoever you are), and to remember that you are reading for a reason.
Maybe you are "reading" because you like the content, or like the photos, or can relate to me... but I don't know why- and I don't want to just write stuff that I did during the day or whatever. I want to write with a reason in mind- I want to write for more than just me- I want to write to add value to the world around me *(and when I say "write" I mean post not only words, but images, things that inspire etc.). And more so I want to write from my perspective, but which one do i pick?!

So I'm left with questions... what makes a blog important? and what makes it important to you? What makes you keep coming back for more? Do you just like to look at photos or videos? Do you even read content?! (cuz sometimes I follow some blogs for the cute photos and have yet to read a word they write? eeek!) Bah- so many options... it makes me feel stuck to where I am.



  1. Not fun, maybe, but a worthwhile exercise. :)

  2. It's true- such a worthwhile exercise... and potentially fun depending on how many caffeine is consumed while brainstorming!


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