Words cannot describe the day I had today... and a very exciting portion was dedicated to the photo shoot you see above (more photos here).
With all the different assignments I have to get through, it is wonderful to have roomies who are "willing" to join me on my crazy adventures. A huge shout-out to my bestie Jo who doesn't hesitate at the list of odd requests I throw her way. I'm guessing she is just thankful she didn't have to wear a gasmask for this one.

Some photo taking tips:
1) Take more photos not less..
2) Don't be afraid to make your subject hold odd poses- some of the weirdest angles make the best photos.
3) Hair and makeup = try something crazy (photos like this need to have some pizazz to them; seriously go nuts- tease the hair, add the liner, go big or go home!)
4) Laugh a lot- it's supposed to be fun
5) Have some good tunes playing, something that gets ya pumped up about being completely ridiculous for your shoot!

Here's to the next project!



  1. I don't want to insult your photography by comparing mine to it - but I had to laugh when I read tip #1. When my daughter was a baby, family and friends would say "you just can't get a bad picture of that kid!" when in fact I had taken 200+ shots for every one they saw. :)

    1. Too funny! I actually just had a photo shoot with my oh so cute nice and nephew- and it was exactly the same experience. I took close to 400 photos, only 1/4 of that will used.... All I can say is i'm thankful for digital cameras and not having to develop all 400 photos.


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