It's the week of projects and due dates... and I'm workin overtime here in CreComm vill.
In moments like this 2 things happen:
1. I'm usually found on my kitchen floor eating out of a peanut butter jar- Thankfully because of this challenge for another project I won't be doing it because... well... the peanut butter I like to eat has sugar in it! WHO KNEW!?
2. I LOVE to make up random playlists of music to listen to- and hit the repeat button. Currently I have only one song on that list...

and though I should share my love.
Here's to surviving , enduring,   acing the week!


Watch this...
because words can NOT describe how much this resonates with me right now.

I feel like I have good taste when it comes to design, ideas, creative stuff... the stuff I make well= it isn't great. Not yet, anyway. But after the HUGE VOLUME OF WORK
that CreComm puts ya through...
the G A P should be shrinking. Right?!
Maybe that is why I have assignments due all the time?
Recently, while talking to one of my roommates she says, "Your stuff is soooo much better than when you first started."
I thought to myself... funny because MY TASTE in what is GOOD hasn't changed...
so what's making it better?!Maybe after this HUGE VOLUME OF WORK I do will one day my work will meet my tastes!
Even as I look back through my first few pieces of writing, or design, or creative I did at the beginning of the year I can slowly start to see the difference.
So I guess it's a good thing- all this work.
I guess this is the CreComm way of fighting the way through that.

why this is*CRECOMM!!!

*photo and design by k*Sara
Inspiring word from a classy lady; share with me by a lovely friend;
made complete by the possibilities in life and the adventure it holds
(and of course the lovely little lady in the photo).

Hope it encourages you.


I have come to realize that all things in second semester CreComm are founded on The Magazine Project! There is NO escaping it. Whether you are in PR class, Ad class, Journalism, or Creative Writing, you're doing magazine stuff. I'm not complaining- because the more we do in class the less we do in our outside life. However, I decided to take the project "home" with me to truly embrace the project with my whole heart- Enter the 30 Day Program!

My group decided to do a magazine on Wiebe Chiropractic Centre focused on the different essentials of living, and part of those essentials is nutrition- specifically on removing the junk we consume in our day to day lives. To do first hand research I took on the challenge- the 30 Day Program (or Advanced Plan) which means NOT eating SUGAR (which apparently is in everything), Grains (even the good whole greans), most Fruit (only berries and green apples in moderation) and anything else that turns into instant sugar when you ingest it (like carrots, or sweet potatos... sigh).

Yesterday was officially my initiation to the program. I sat in a room full of people at the Convention Centre listening to someone tell us just exactly we would survive without crashing and burning when our body turns against us out of desperation for sugar. Let me tell you- it made me question why I would do it, and why the rest of the room would even think of committing to something like it. I LOVE my diet pop, my coffee with sweetener, a slice of bread, a bite of fruit, delicious sweet potatoes, my diet pop, some oatmeal for breakfast, my diet pop... did I mention I'm going to miss Diet POP!!!!
Either way- I committed... and although they call it a Program - I call it a CHALLENGE- and their ain't no way I'm backing down on this one.

Check out the Challenge HERE-


*Side note: side effects include sugar withdrawal which can cause headaches, cravings, and mood swings... IE- appologies to friends, family, people I bump into, classmates, and instructors- It's not you... It's me, soon unpleasantness will pass! (Fingers crossed!)


Like I mentioned here, I have a LIST of things to do before my 26th year is up. One of those things being that I need to read EIGHT books willingly. I emphasize the EIGHT because... well... I don't read much, and it's probably eight times more books then I read in the previous year. I add the willingly because I have to read stuff for school... and I figured that shouldn't count.
Believe it or not (with over a month before deadline) I FINISHED my eighth book!

Not being the most avid reader, I'm always hesitant when it comes to picking up a book. I worry that I won't like it, or I will only make it past the first chapter and then loose interest. So when I grabbed this one my guard was up.
But after a half hour of reading- I was hooked. I loved the story (a man near the end of life sharing his life's insights), the people (Morrie: the professor who as ALS; Mitch: who used to be his college student), and the words of wisdom...
"So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning." (p.43)

"You have to find what's good and true and beautiful in your life as it is now. Looking back makes you competitive. And, age is not a competitive issue." (p.120)

To hear advice on life, or more so the end of life is bizarre (probably because no one ever talks about it). But it's cool because how often do you think about it? How often do we live life with the end in mind? How would you do things differently when you know you are on a time limit? What becomes important? What do you value?


"I hope," said Gloriana warily, "that you are not going to suggest that I marry the American minister because I won't do it.  I've been reading about the Americans in a women's magazine and they're all cruel to their wives." 
"Cruel to their wives?" echoed the count.
"Precisely.  They treat them as equals.  They refuse to make any decisions without consulting them.  They load them up with worries they should keep to themselves.  And when there isn't enough money, they send them out to work instead of earning more by their own efforts.  Some of them even make their wives work so they can go to college.  They are not men at all.  They are men-women.  And their wives are women-men.  If I am to marry, I want a husband who will be a man and let me be a woman.  I'll be able to handle him better that way."
*Leonard Wibberley, "The Mouse that Roared" 

crazy how perspective changes things...

words* to ponder

This last week we had the lovely people from Velocity Branding (a Winnipeg based brand strategy/marketing agency) come and chat with first year CreComm students.
There was some wonderful advise from Chris and Jason about branding...

Something that I really was struck by was the slide above "A brand is NOT what you say it is... It is what THEY say it is."
When I was creating my brand  last semester for class I remember struggling to know what to write about myself... I wanted it to not only sound great but be true to who I am. I spent hours on this (mostly sitting in front of a blank screen). And it struck me that I didn't use my greatest resource... I didn't ask others what it is they would say about me.
Clearly, it is a little awkward to talk to people about what they think of me, BUT it is way more authentic then having a list of words that I think are true to me, when really they aren't.
So the real question is who do you think I am? And am i true to what I say?!


Although it is the beginning of the new year, new resolutions (or revisiting old resolutions), and lists of new things to do  I am nearing the end of my own list of things to do. With just over a month until turn another year older younger I am dangerously close to finishing almost all of my list of 26 things to do (more to come on that) in "The Year of Class". Yes... I entitled this past year of my life The Year of Class because well; I feel it just felt like this would be a classy kind of year. And ever if there was a true test of if something should be included in The Year of Class I look no further than Audrey.
Audrey is the epitome of class- in fashion and style, in grace and poise... nothing compare with Audrey.
I stumbled across this photo from a blog that I am serious in love with (if only I knew how he found so many cool things)- and I it has now become the background of my computer.
I love how simple the photos are- yet the capture such an authentic moment in her life... as if they are  letting you into to their stroll down the lane.
sigh- now that is class.

the year of *class

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