It's the week of projects and due dates... and I'm workin overtime here in CreComm vill.
In moments like this 2 things happen:
1. I'm usually found on my kitchen floor eating out of a peanut butter jar- Thankfully because of this challenge for another project I won't be doing it because... well... the peanut butter I like to eat has sugar in it! WHO KNEW!?
2. I LOVE to make up random playlists of music to listen to- and hit the repeat button. Currently I have only one song on that list...

and though I should share my love.
Here's to surviving , enduring,   acing the week!

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  1. Haha, good luck! And I hope to join you. Seems slightly unattainable here at quarter to one with so much to do still.

    Try organic peanut butter. Takes a little getting used to but I wouldn't go back now.


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