New Year...
new goals, new plans, new outlook????

A new year brings a fresh start. Like hitting a reset button, the year begins a new and it make you feel like the possibilities are endless. 
*2012 brought a lot of sameness my life- I was in the same school program, the same house, the same routine. I lived and loved the year that was stable and consistent. 
*2013 looks to be the year of the unknown. A truly blank canvas. I finish school in April and with that comes endless possibilities of the unknown. Where to work, what to do with all my "free time"... traveling?, crocheting?, more video making?, more photo taking?, interior decorating?! Who knows.... 
I guess that's why its exciting- or nerve-racking- or a combo of the two.

To celebrate the beginning of 2013- I was invited to capture the celebration that went down at The Forks... which ended in a spectacular show of lights...

FYI: Event photo tips...
1. Have a game plan... Talk to the people in charge and make sure you know what they want/what you need to get. 
2. Know your lighting- Is it super dark out?!! How are you going to take photos in the evening vs. daytime?
3. Know your location- Do a walk around, know cool spaces/ places/ angles to take photos.
4. When outside in -1000000 degrees Celsius... HAVE GLOVES!!!!
5. If you ignore 4- you can't complain when you can't feel your fingers and you are trying to warm them up. 
6. Enjoy the moment. Watching fireworks is a fun time- taking photos of them is a RUSH, embrace it!
7. If you are sitting there nodding your head in agreement with these tips... know you are a photo geek at heart- don't deny it... enjoy it... and get to work snapping even better photos in 2013!


BIG Thanks to The Forks for letting me help out with such an amazing event!!!


  1. that last photo is amazing! glad to see such pretyt shots of winnipeg! :)

    1. Thanks Janis- it's a crazy sometimes when you realize how amazing the city can be!

  2. You can SEE the cold in your fireworks shots. Awesome.

    1. Thanks Melanie! 'Twas a frigid evening. BUT sooooo worth it!

  3. Wonderful shots as usual you talented little egg, you.


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