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 I have always loved history- I love the nostalgic feeling, the sense of pride, and the outfits...  but never have I thought one day I might be the one making history.

Mark Reid, Editor-in-Chief at Canada's History, came to Thursdays CreComm seminar. 
He shared about Canada's History and his own history. But it seemed to be less of a boring list of facts, and more about the telling of a beautiful story.
"We try to aim for the heart of the story- I look for stories- hopefully stories that make a difference," said Reid. 
When you think about history as story, you begin to wonder what's the part you play in it. I mean, I have a story- YOU have a story... so where does it fit into history? 

 I clearly remember walking into my first day of classes in grade seven. I have  an off-white, short sleeved, knitted turtle neck on. My jeans are tapered and stonewashed. And my white clogs completed my outfit. I walk through the hallways in a daze. My previous school had just under 40 kids from grades 1-8. This school had over 350 with grades 7-12. I feel like I'm at the bottom of the food chain.

Note: That day may not have made history for anyone other than me.

Fast forward to my grade 11 year. I am sitting in the second row of chairs in choir class. My love hate relationship with choir is the base on the fact that I love being in a class that comes easy to me and would result in a trip at the end of the year- but I hated being on of the few girls who had to sing in the tenor section. 
Sometime between the beginning of class and vocal warm-up exercises, someone tells us that the twin towers in NYC have just been hit. A television is quickly rolled into the room so we can watch what is happening over 1600 miles away. The whole day was spent watching the television- trying to catch glimpses of the chaos beyond.

Note: Although 9/11 was experienced by many, no one had the same history.

August 29, 2011. The day has come and I'm packed into a room with 75 other hopeful CreComm students at our orientation. We are told to look to the right and the left: these are our potential coworkers, or employees or even employers. If we look straight ahead: these are our potential job references, connections to the industry, and future lifelines.
Be sure to show up on time, hand things in prior to dead line, and DON'T misspell a proper noun- these will all result in an auto fail. 
"Welcome to the beginning of your professional career," we are told.

Note: Welcome the beginning of history in the making.

Thursdays seminar class Mark Reid spoke. 
"Anything you write as a journalist will be considered history," he said. 

Note: He also said, "It doesn’t matter how many facts are on your side; you always lose against a great photo op."

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