It's finished! School is done for the year, and minus a few more meetings and greetings, I will no longer be able to use my trusted student card to grant me access into the inner workings of RRCs downtown campus. Sigh. 
Looking back it has been a crazy year- It feels like only yesterday when I started the CreComm lifestyle with all of it's busyness. The amount of assignments, late nights, group projects were UNREAL! I thought it was a joke how people said CreComm would consume your life, but I shouldn't have laughed. lol
After countless hours of homework, InDesign projects, video making, outings to things I would never normally go to, I stand here today in shock and awe that it is all over for this year. And a head of me stares a blank slate called summer. Who knows what I'm going to fill all of my "free" time with. Who knows what will now consume my every waking moment. 

Clearly I have a couple of things I've been looking into, but I wonder if it will live up to my current standard of busy. At the same time, it might be nice to have a different pace. 
Either way- I know this much. Summer is exciting because there is a whole new list of things to do: like paint the house, work on some pinterest projects, get some great footage of my farm, do some photography for some lovely people about to be wedded, go for a run come fathers day, fine some good music to make into my summer soundtrack, maybe travel somewhere, or camp somewhere, maybe get in a bit of gardening, sewing, and sitting and relaxing by some source of water. Who knows... maybe I'll do none of that stuff on my list, or maybe all of it. I'm just in such shock, because I haven't had a summer like this since gr. 10. Every summer I have ever experienced consisted of me either living at camp, volunteering as a speaker, or filming in another country. Now I'm just left with a blank canvas and I'm not sure what I want the finished product to look like. Maybe I'll spend some time next week sittin in a Starbucks, pondering the meaning of summer- or maybe I'll just apply to work there and enjoy the sounds and smells of roasted coffee!!!

In the meantime I hope to keep on-top of this blogging thing- maybe post some of the cool things, projects, or whatever I do over the summer. And hopefully by the time fall kicks into gear I'll have great things to share, or at least a great tan to remember the four months "off" of CreComm... only to be right back into the swing of things- and even more exciting is that next year is CreComm: The PR edition!!! *(brace yourselves.... I know I certainly will be)


  1. If you do end up a Barista for the summer, you'll have to let me know what's in a caramel macchiato. Other than, you know, caramel? And, like, macchiato?


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