This past weekend I got to spend some time floating *(and paddling hard) across a few lakes in Western Ontario. It was filled with amazing company, adventurous spirits,  and beautiful scenery. You couldn't ask for more, especially since we are now blazing through the final few days of summer *(and my schedule for classes was recently posted- talk about reality check).
Hope your summer's been as blessed as mine!

3 RED* canoes

This past weekend I was able to spend a beautiful day with some of my lovelies!! I had a fun time taking photos! (But truthfully, I think the girls really enjoyed the part when we had "coffee break" and sat drinking juice and snaking on smarties).
Happy soon to be 5 *L! And *E, you are soooo a grown up and wise!
Love you both- your Tante [k]


It's SUMMER!!!
I'm out doing my summer thing... and you should be too!!! So posts will be minimal.
Enjoy the heat while you can!


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