The second I walked into the house of girls getting ready- I could tell this day was going to be different. There was no panicked rush or list of worries. It was going to be the best kind of day: one of family, and friends, and celebrating. And this was confirmed when I met up with the groom, who seemed to be chill about everything (including the delay in seeing his soon to be wife for the first time). 
But when Mark turned and saw Allison, life pushed pause and seconds ceased to exist. They were in a world of their own - with no fear of the future, just an excitement for the years to come. 

It was a blue sky moment- the wonder, the clarity, and the possibilities of a blue*sky lifetime ahead. 

To Mark & Allison- may there be many more blue*sky moments to come.

blue*sky lifetime

For as long as I've known Jon- he's loved cars. It was only recently that he found an even more classic love- a fantastic lady named Jana. They met just over a year ago, which seems hard to believe when you first meet them.
It was back in April when I got a chance to visit with both of them. When we sat to chat I got the feeling like they had known each other for years. They were so comfortable with each other - and liked to laugh, a lot. Which only made me more excited when they asked me to take a few snapshots of their wedding. 
Typically at weddings I'm used to spending more time with the bride- the girls doing makeup, hair, putting on dresses, but on this occasion- I was asked to hang out with the guys, and by extension got to experience a straight shave, coffee and CARS! 
And at the end of the day Jon got the best wedding photos I think he (or any guy) could ever ask for. 

Happy wedded day to you both- and to the many years of love {and cars} ahead.

for LOVE*{and cars}

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