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It's Wednesday- so welcome to my*world= and some of the amazing projects I get to work on.

A few weeks ago I had the most wonderful time photographing my friends s&s at their wedding... Yesterday I got to hand over the finished photos and hear about how life is goin' for the newlyweds. Sigh. They are tooo cute.
You can check out some more of their photos here.
* Some things I learned from this shoot....

  1. You can never have enough memory cards on a wedding day. I felt like I was always filling cards up... so right after the wedding I started to purchase/stockpile a heap of 16-32GB cards. ha.
  2. Group photos are something you have to practice a LOT to get good at. 
  3. Bright sunny days suck. So I tried to work with them instead of fight them. 

And yes... if've you've been following some of my crazy projects in the past you may have recognized these lovely two from this...



  1. I loved the video clip! Loved the wedding pictures too!! What talent Kristin!! What talent!


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