So- while most students take a break during the summer months, I get the honour of working on a year long project. There is no need for sadness though, because a) I was the one that pitched the idea, and 2) I get the chance to film something I LOVE!
I'm doing a video documentary on the transition of the family farm from one generation to the next. I picked it because... well- my family farm is currently being passed down from my dad to my brothers *(and secretly I just long to capture beauty our farm).
Filming is currently underway- and I'm loving every minute of it *(but I do wish I could get out there more often!)


  1. Kristin this is looking amazing! Is that your brother? You guys have the same mannerisms! <3 Hope you're enjoying your summer! xo

    1. 'tis ture! That's my bro. lol. Summer is good, but busy! I can't believe it is just over a month till we are back at it! How's your summer going?! I see lots of baking has been happening!


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