If you have ever read my blog before, one thing is certain- my life is governed by a little program i'm in called Creative Communications. It's a lovely two year program that pushes you to the brink of sheer insanity and back *(you think I'm being dramatic? Think again). Many of us in CreComm suffer from minimal sleep, a strickt diet of caffeine, and a fondness for overflowing schedules- my roommates can vouch for this. But as much as we consider our lives to be crazy, we do pride ourselves in that very fact. We live for the moments pushing ourselves to the max, and then telling everyone who we come into contact with that the last time I had to eat something other than something from the Tim Hortons in the school cafeteria was two weeks ago.

Having said that- we need all the help we can get when it comes to making sure we get through the two years as unharmed as possible. Cue the CreComm*Toolkit= things that have helped me get through CreComm, tools, tips tricks, things that every communicator could use. 

So what's todays recommendation of things I can't seem to live without?! 
Google Calendar:
If you don't have a Google Account- GO NOW. Get one. Use it for your emailing, your blogging, your documents *(don't even get me started on Google docs! They are group project's answer to prayer) but also your calendar. 
I don't know how many times this thing has saved my butt. I have about 5 different calendars on it, telling me everything from assignments that need to get done, classes to show up to, coffees to attend, and meetings I need to show up for. Without it, I honestly would be lost. 
I make sure I set up not only the who, what, where or when, something needs to happen, but I set up allerts telling me when things are going down. This might not sound interesting to you, but when you have a HEAP of things on the go- to get an email *(and txt message) saying that in an hour you better be somewhere- that you may or may not have remembered you said you would be at... you will thank your Google friends that you made it in time.  
I kid you not- at the beginning of the school year because I had to get used to new schedules and stuff I forgot things frequently and it was thanks to a txt reminder from my calendar that I was supposed to meet up with someone to hand something off to them. Without it I would have been hooped. 
Google Calendar also syncs well with your phone, or iCal, or whatever other things you use. 

*HINT: Regardless of what calendar you chose to use, my biggest piece of advise is be consisten. Pick a system and stick to it. Don't deviate, and build it into your lifestyle. When you have something going on- or 10 different things going on- write them down, and be sure to check back *(or in Google's case- have them txt you when things need to get done! You'll be thankful you did.)


  1. So I am thinking a couple things:
    1) our hanging out time was in your google calendar :)
    2) I am so glad that we were able to get together
    3) I tried to find that little bubble tea place today (isn't it on Ellice?) and COULD NOT FIND IT!!! Obviously, I am only meant to go and experience the bubble tea with you my friend.
    Hope you are able to rest this weekend!

    1. Joy-
      1) yes... you were for sure in my calendar
      2) I feel like I'm the one that is lucky to hang out with you.
      3) We are going for bubble tea... It isn't on Ellice- but very close. I don't know if I want to tell ya, cuz then you'll probably go without me! lol.
      We will figure out a time that works for both of us ** VERY soon, yes?!


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