Sugar + spice + everything nice ---that was only half of the story when it came to taking photos of this sweet *girl in Winnipeg's Exchange District.  
We spent a 'brisk' afternoon hanging out. Me with my camera + *girl with an endless supply of energy. Adventure was the name of the game... and there was much adventure to be had. Despite the cold, we found rooftop hideouts, hidden tunnels, and cupcakes to cap off our time. 

It was (and probably will remain) one of the most fantastical afternoons the Exchange has ever seen.


Family to Farm is coming home... literally. After its initial screening in Winnipeg, my documentary is going to be shown in the place it was created. 

November 30, 2013
7:30 pm  | Domain Hall- Domain, MB (Off of PR 330 on MacDonald Rd)

Admission by silver collection, with portion of the proceeds going to Canadian Foodgrains Bank. 
Additional support and donations for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank welcome.

I'm excited and extremely nervous to be screening it out where I grew up. Its a whole year of my life + work on the line, it's my families story out in the open, but more so - it's a story that so many of those that are in my area are going through. 
I only hope I've done it justice. 

Hope to see you there + if you haven't seen the trailer- enjoy.

ps- it may also be coming out on DVD! Merry Christmas anyone!?

Family to Farm *2.0

Smiles all around from the three musketeers. The day couldn't have gone any better both with the weather and this little bright eyed gal. Just over a year old, little miss*lively was trucking all around the park on this lovely fall day. And how on earth her parents keep up with her I just don't know. I'm especially excited for this wonderful trio because soon the three will become FOUR!!! Congrats to Mama and Papa N- and soon to be big sister. 

*to see more photos click here.
Congrats on the soon to be edition to the *N family- Until then, I hope you can find a few moments to rest.


Every now and then I find music that just neeeeeds to be shared- this is one of those moments.
I recently went to see The Paper Kites- a band that I've fell in love with over the past year. The show was great, but the opening act was the kicker.
A band from Calgary, my hopes were not set high for Reuben And The Dark. I had no clue who they were and had decided to camp out in the VERY back of The Park Theatre for their portion of the show. But after the opening notes and the first few harmonies I found myself in the middle of a group of people at the front who were as equally entranced as me. The melodies reminded me of Bon Iver with a bit of Dead Man's Bones. And I was hooked to the harmonies that cut through to my soul. I could have left after their set- but luckily for me my $20 went a long way that evening and got a BOGO of a deal (every Menno's dream).


You may recognize the guy in the photo as Joey Traa- the creator, producer, and host of the Red River Radio hit show entitled "The Booth." A classic RRR production, The Booth entertained listeners with a mix of new hip hop and rap, along with the classics. It went where no other radio show in Winnipeg would go, in a way that only Joey Traa could take it. For a real look at The Booth - click here to hear about it from Joey.
It wasn't too long ago that The Booth took it's final curtain call and said farewell to it's fans - and Joey moved forward in his career. 
Who knew that moving forward would also include Joey putting a ring on it - and getting engaged to the lovely Miss Dubs?! 
A huge congrats Joey and Victoria- to Joey for finding such a fantastic girl, and Victoria for finding someone you'll be able to laugh with for the rest of your life.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for.... A Booth Engagement

*can't get enough of "The Booth"- click here to view more photos
Can't wait for the wedding- and all the laughs, amazing poses, and facial expressions to come.

the Booth*is back

Taking photos of the W*family is always an adventure. Mom & dad W* always give me the forewarning that the kiddos have "energy", and I always take it as a personal challenge respond with "Bring it on! We'll see who gets tired out first!" 
We checked out the park around Fort Gibraltar - and found a great use for the exterior wall. It also might have been one of the best autumn days in Winnipeg this year, so clearly a leaf throwing was essential to the shoot. After about an hour of running, climbing, skipping, wondering through tall grass, hiding under the cover of fall foliage, and chugging along the train tracks we said our goodbyes... everyone a little more tired than when we began. But if anyone asks, I think I won. 
Take a look at the last photo and you be the judge.

*to see more photos click here
And the winner is....


With many blessings comes many thanks.
It's a happy Thanksgiving- hope yours was too!


The second I walked into the house of girls getting ready- I could tell this day was going to be different. There was no panicked rush or list of worries. It was going to be the best kind of day: one of family, and friends, and celebrating. And this was confirmed when I met up with the groom, who seemed to be chill about everything (including the delay in seeing his soon to be wife for the first time). 
But when Mark turned and saw Allison, life pushed pause and seconds ceased to exist. They were in a world of their own - with no fear of the future, just an excitement for the years to come. 

It was a blue sky moment- the wonder, the clarity, and the possibilities of a blue*sky lifetime ahead. 

To Mark & Allison- may there be many more blue*sky moments to come.

blue*sky lifetime

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