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I've never wanted to be a journalist. The very idea of reporting something scares me because there is so much that I could get wrong. What if i miss quote someone, don't get the facts right, or miss spell a proper noun?!! I start sweating just thinking about it. And although my stomach turns at the thought of being a journalist, I have a deep respect for those who can report on issues day in and day out.

On Thursday I watched Page One, a documentary about a year inside The New York Times. I love documentaries and I loved this one too. I loved watching the story unfold but it made my heart sad to see print media (like The New York Times) take such a hit because of the digital age.

Paper sales are down because of people getting their news online. Ad sales are down because no one is reading papers. And journalists are losing jobs.

Marshall McLuhan wrote "The medium is the message". For some reason that was run through my head while I watched. Part of telling the news in print media reminds me the significance of the story; that it isn't just about a digital copy floating around somewhere, but that it is a tangible thing, a thing worth spending time and money on putting out there. There is so much in this world that is just send out into the world without much thought or consequence (Facebook, Twitter, and blogs alike). News deserves more, it deserves to be respected, honored, and upheld. It deserves more that a blogger reporting their thoughts on an issue while sitting in their pj's.

But how do you keep the industry going in a world that demands more for less. I'm not saying it is bad to have news online (I get my news online because it is easier to access). But what I do want is my news to maintain it's integrity.

Bill Keller, former Executive Editor of The NY Times, ended the movie by saying that he can't boil the solution down to aha moment. That we do need people to report, that the public needs journalists.
And I would agree, but how does that happen? Do we start subsidizing the paper industry? Do we make all outlets publicly owned and run like the CBC? What do we do to keep journalism alive and valued?!

 I'm not a 100% sure of how to fix the problem... but in the meantime I would suggest watching this movie, for you to start thinking how important your news is to you, where your news comes from, and just maybe we can work on it together.

*page one...

 camera [plus] new friend [plus] a few hours walking around {equal} one amazing adventure. best part: who would have ever guessed this could be Winnipeg?!?!!?

*here is to enjoying the weekends while the weather is still amazing!

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"Memory is slippery" Myrl Coulter, author of The House with the Broken Two, told us as she answered questions during her reading at the Winnipeg Writers Festival on Thursday. "You need to research your life if you want to write about it," she continued as she shared insight into writing her story.
I sat there entranced by her words and the story they wove. I was in awe of how graciously she let us into her life; no questions asked. She told us of how she gave up her baby, how she lived with the heartache, how she questioned if baby was alright. I can't even imagine what it would be like.
She shared how the book she wrote was becoming a tool to help others who had gone through the same thing. How her words were like light being shed on decades of silence. My eyes were fixed on her wondering how she was so brave. How she was able to open up her life to others in such a personable way? I wonder if she ever regretted starting sharing her story, wanting to take back the words that opened up her life like an exposed wound. I wonder if she felt judged like I do when I write things down, or worse when I share them out loud.

I wonder if I could be brave like her... maybe one day.

memory is slippery...

I love the starts of things... the beginning of a new book, beginning of a new project, beginning of a new stage in life. The problem in life for me isn't starting, but it is maintaining.
I started a blog at the beginning of my CreComm life and I was really excited about the idea of this blog- but then after a few weeks I realized the excitement was wearing off. I needed a change and I need to write what I know and LOVE. Which is why I'm welcoming you to my new blog. One filled with stories and stills of my life.

*hope you enjoy!

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