I have come to realize that all things in second semester CreComm are founded on The Magazine Project! There is NO escaping it. Whether you are in PR class, Ad class, Journalism, or Creative Writing, you're doing magazine stuff. I'm not complaining- because the more we do in class the less we do in our outside life. However, I decided to take the project "home" with me to truly embrace the project with my whole heart- Enter the 30 Day Program!

My group decided to do a magazine on Wiebe Chiropractic Centre focused on the different essentials of living, and part of those essentials is nutrition- specifically on removing the junk we consume in our day to day lives. To do first hand research I took on the challenge- the 30 Day Program (or Advanced Plan) which means NOT eating SUGAR (which apparently is in everything), Grains (even the good whole greans), most Fruit (only berries and green apples in moderation) and anything else that turns into instant sugar when you ingest it (like carrots, or sweet potatos... sigh).

Yesterday was officially my initiation to the program. I sat in a room full of people at the Convention Centre listening to someone tell us just exactly we would survive without crashing and burning when our body turns against us out of desperation for sugar. Let me tell you- it made me question why I would do it, and why the rest of the room would even think of committing to something like it. I LOVE my diet pop, my coffee with sweetener, a slice of bread, a bite of fruit, delicious sweet potatoes, my diet pop, some oatmeal for breakfast, my diet pop... did I mention I'm going to miss Diet POP!!!!
Either way- I committed... and although they call it a Program - I call it a CHALLENGE- and their ain't no way I'm backing down on this one.

Check out the Challenge HERE-


*Side note: side effects include sugar withdrawal which can cause headaches, cravings, and mood swings... IE- appologies to friends, family, people I bump into, classmates, and instructors- It's not you... It's me, soon unpleasantness will pass! (Fingers crossed!)

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