Blog it, tweet it, tumble it.
Much was discussed at our last seminar for us first year CreComms.
We had Winnipeg bloggers come and share a round 2 of info... and I feel like there could be a round 3 with all the crazy questions we all have on how to keep on top of all the social media stuff we are plugged in to (both personally and for school).

After much wisdom here are some thoughts I pondered after the event:

Alyson Shane: Pick a day an write consistently on it- like her Hip Hop Sunday posts.

Liz Hover: Don't start tweeting until you got your blog together. Don't add a facebook page until your website is good. Essentially don't do a bunch of things if they are all going to be garbage.
And Google+ is dead...
*(But don't worry Google+ I'm still pullin for ya!)

Erica Glasier: for more blog traffic: newsjack fast, newsjack often... Newsjacking
*(has anyone tried to newjack the newsjacking of newsjacking?!?! Well... lets make an attempt shall we?!) 

 James Hope Howard:As much as you can try... sometimes getting hits on your blog is random.
*(this made me feel like I have hope!)

 Shelly Cook: Starting five different blogs is CreComm suicide! But go for it!
*(I second that Shelly... I'm on my second blog in the school year- third blog of this year- and 5th blog in my blogging live... eekkkk!!!)

After a solid 50 minutes of tips/thoughts on social media I was personally still in the dark and left wondering if I will ever make it in the communications industry since blog doesn't get a consistent 5000 hits a day. 
And to cap it all of no one even mentioned the bustling platform known as Pinterest... sigh-

bloggers* round 2

Winter in Winnipeg is always a challenge, especially when ya want to stay stylish *(I feel that's an oxymoron).
Either way... to help with the winter woes check out different ways to change up your look with the help of our all time fav. accessory = the scarf! 

And if that doesn't help you any remember that Starbucks is blessing us all with buy-one get-one holiday drinks. Talk about happy hour!

winter *style

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