After a lovely summer with sporadic well timed posts. Now that we are back in routine *(ie. back in school) we're back into the swing of blogging.
But with a "new year" comes a new look to k*sara. I'm not 100% sure what's all on the agenda for changes here, but for sure a few layout changes... and probably a few new blog post ideas!!! *(As of right now they are TOP SECRET) but soon to be revealed! So keep an eye out for some new things... new ideas... and well.. NEW Posts!



It's been a crazy August- harvest is in full swing, which means I'm in filming mode. It seems my IPP is taking over my life... and full apologies to those in my life who seem to get the short end of this deal. But I promise in about 10 months it will all be over- and the crazyness of this project will be finished (*maybe?!).
Until then- enjoy this clip!


and*so it goes

If only I could bottle the smell of harvest air.
A fresh breeze blowing while straw blows along the field stubble.
This is my favourite time  of year.
To help capture the moments- my niece *E joined me for the adventure.
"We're the family photographers Tante Kristin!" she told me.
"But don't worry... I won't fire you!" she added *(with a slight hesistation).
Somehow I get the feeling I will be out of a job soon.


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