Not many people get to say this-- but I LOVE what I do.
I love being a tante (and auntie) to five of the most loveliest, funnest, cutest, and sometimes craziest kids.
AND sometimes when I'm lucky I get a chance to take photos of them...

I get to capture a moment in their life. Freezing it for all time. Smiles. Giggles. Tears and all.


Photos Tips when taking photos of KIDDOS!

  1. Use natural light! If you can have a BIG open window instead of heaps of studio light- do it! It's easy/fun, and it means you don't need to use flash. 
  2. Put your ass to the glass. Believe it or not= this was a tip I got from a photographer friend. With you back to the light it lights the area infront perfectly... I was standing in front of a big bay window for these photos. 
  3. Get them to be laugh! Be silly with them... get them to do silly things. My niece wanted to sit upside down out of nowhere, and they are some of the BEST photos of the day *(having said that the ones where she wanted to try summersaults it wasn't so amazing... but you can delete those).
  4. Be snap happy. You never know when they'll crack a good smile, or silly face. 
  5. If you have treats- USE THEM! I didn't bring any for this shoot simply cuz my sister had things around her house... but on other shoots I've forgotten to bring them and needles to say I could have REALLY used them. 


You know you live in the prairies when weather dictates your life. This past weekend I ended up coming home early from a weekend away because the weather looked to not be friendly and I didn't want to get stuck out south of the boarder when it hit. *(nothing against the States... I just like being at home when I get snowed in.)

I'm not always a fan of the when white stuff begins to fall, but when it is as beautiful as it was this past weekend... what else can you do but take out your camera, go for a walk, and revel in the fact that getting snowed in isn't always that bad.


Welcome to the month of the stash. The month where guys pridefully grow facial hair... yes... pridefully.
Honestly, I can't lie- I'm a fan! I don't know how much a fan I am of the actual moustache... but I love people raising awareness and support for something that impacts many, and can shed light on something that many don't want to talk about.
My only complaint- is that I can't participate. I mean I can raise $$, I can support the guys in my life that are growing a fine furry friend... but I can't grow a stash of my own. And I know it's probably a good thing that I can't grow a moustache... I would probably look a little awaked... but it would be nice.
I remember having a conversation with my Dad when we found out he was diagnosed with cancer... I told him I would shave my head when he lost his hair... he looked at me, laughed, and said he'd rather I didn't. lol. I'm mean I see his point- me with a shaved head probably wouldn't look that great, but I was sad that my bros could, and here I was with hair wondering how I could support the my dad.
In January of this past year- we had a head shaving party for my dad and it was the first time I'd ever seen him without a head of hair... or a beard. It was the oddest moment in my life. But to be a support for my dad and my mom- just by simply being there was great. Being there to chat, going for coffees, being a sounding board and crying shoulder, or whatever I could be... It wasn't a shaved head, or growing a moustache but it was me being there for my dad.
So- regardless of what you can do, or grow- support the men that support the Mo!


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