At 3:15 today it was official... I embarked on a new year of life. I can't really lie... I've not always liked birthdays- mostly because it means I'm getting older and my list of things to do is still long. But this year was amazing= it was the year of class!
I had ambitious dreams this year. I made myself a list of 26 things to do... and surprisingly a lot of it got done!
At the top of the list was-
  1. Get into CreComm= CHECK!
  2. Do a legit photo shoot (ie. get paid for taking photos)= Double CHECK! *I even tackled a wedding!
  3. Travel outside of North America!= I think Thailand would classify as a Check on that one. *see photo above... oh, only in Thailand.
  4. Read 8 books willingly (not for homework/assignments)= Check!
... and the list went on.

There were some things that were ongoing projects; like flossing my teeth on a daily basis (its on the list cuz it's a classy thing to do).
There were things that were half done- like my one of two sewing projects that I finished.
And sadly there were some things that didn't... like memorizing an entire book of the Bible, or running a half marathon, or design a canvas print for my dining room...
But alas- you can't do everything in one year!!! So here is to putting them on the list of 27 with all the things that will get done. To all the sewing, running, traveling, the creatively inspired, photographically amazing, and  randomly awesome things that will happen= this year is for you.
But first, a name needs to be chosen for a year of this magnitude.
Any suggestions?!


photo by: k*sara
Almost 12 hours till decisions are made, majors are picked, and plans are finalized.

*all the best for all the plans and decisions ya got to make!


*This video was brought to you by our tv production class and tv group3. Our infomercial is for a new and wonderful product called Stuffed Mates- stuffed toys for adults to bring back the joy of your childhood.
Thanks to the crew and group 2 that helped for the actual filming of our live to tape 12-15min show (maybe you'll get a chance to see that one day too).

For more info videos on Stuffed Mates - see here!


What do ya do when you get bored in Manitoba during a winter... ya drag people behind trucks on snowy roads- that's what ya do!
I was sorting through some old videos I put together from last year and came across this one. I figured that since it's almost the weekend it might give some inspiration for things to do in the middle of a Manitoba Winter... but remember... Safety First!

*Please note: This film, nor the makers, endorse the dragging of people behind vehicles!!!
The people in this video are all adults and chose to participate.
**PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! (or anywhere else)***


While assignment deadlines loom I try to find distractions inspiration to keep me motiviated...  this was today's. 
*who knew a car could play good music. 

sound*track to life

Source: via k*[Sara] on Pinterest

Today was "The DAY"- The day we were presented with major and elective choices for our second year in CreComm.

Media Production
Public Relations

I sat there stunned- Is there an option where I can pick multiple majors?! What if I want to do them all?!!!?
Clearly the answer is No. But, in my heart of hearts I know secretly I will wish I could have been in more than one. Sigh.
So... for now... I found a great mantra when it comes to picking a major... and we'll see what happens.
Wise words Julia, wise words.
*more to come about my dilemma about picking between my Communication future.


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