During the course of this year I will be tackling a project of EPIC proportions! As a second year Creative Communications program we are required to do a HUGE project of our choosing. As long as the project we made was of an adequate length, challenge, time commitment... oh ya- and fits in the realm of communications... it's good to go! We had to pitch the idea to a panel and meet with an adviser... and well- work our butts off.

My IPP is a video documentary on the family farm. I grew up on a family farm and loved every minute of it. Going to school in the BIG CITY for both high school and university I couldn't believe people hadn't experienced the same things I did, nor did they understand the world I came from. With this project I wanted to share the things I've loved all my life with the world around me. For them to feel the heart of the family farm. My dream isn't to share the "how to's" of farming- *(you won't come out of this documentary knowing what crops should yield)- it's to share the life of a farm, and more importantly the heart of the people who fight to keep it alive.

Here are some of the "progress" that has come out of the insanity so far...

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