Family to Farm *2.0

Family to Farm is coming home... literally. After its initial screening in Winnipeg, my documentary is going to be shown in the place it was created. 

November 30, 2013
7:30 pm  | Domain Hall- Domain, MB (Off of PR 330 on MacDonald Rd)

Admission by silver collection, with portion of the proceeds going to Canadian Foodgrains Bank. 
Additional support and donations for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank welcome.

I'm excited and extremely nervous to be screening it out where I grew up. Its a whole year of my life + work on the line, it's my families story out in the open, but more so - it's a story that so many of those that are in my area are going through. 
I only hope I've done it justice. 

Hope to see you there + if you haven't seen the trailer- enjoy.

ps- it may also be coming out on DVD! Merry Christmas anyone!?


  1. I didn't know you were from Domain! My cousins grew up there and I spent a good chunk of my childhood there as a result. Small world!
    Good luck with the screening. I absolutely loved the video - you did an amazing job.

    1. Thanks Sarah- and yes, it's such a small world- welcome to rural MB! lol.


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