My girl Charmaine thew a fannnnntastic party a few weeks ago. It was a Red Dress Gala, in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation... and let me tell you a Gala it was indeed!
She asked me to take a few snapshots of the event --- which included a fashion show featuring hand crafted dresses by some amazing local talent.

With sooo much going on throughout the evening I also had the opportunity to co-shoot with this guy- which was not only a fun thing but a good thing because there were a lot of amazing moments to capture.

It was an unforgettable evening and my FIRST runway shoot, which meant there was a lot to learn...

Things to think about when shooting Runway:

  1. Bring a flash... runways are dark and it's good to have some light to throw around. 
  2. Be there early- and check out what the  the lighting is going to be like throughout the evening. Lighting will change and it's good to know what surprises are coming your way.
  3. Know the catwalk routine. Walk, walk, walk- PAUSE & POSE- walk, walk walk... make a fierce face, hold & TURN- walk, walk, walk.
  4. Have your trigger finger like it's a a high noon showdown- models have some of the best (and worst) poses and faces... you'll probably catch both- but try to be ready so you get more of the good vs. the bad. 
  5. Thank your partner in crime- and thank the person who thought to have two of you shooting the event! Having two people running around with cameras while people are walking down the runway is always a great thing. You get more photos to pick from and you also get to game plan what you want to shoot. Which brings me to...
  6. The game plan- the best part of having a two shooters is that you can watch and be more selective with taking photos. One of you takes details and people shots, the other takes environmental/big picture photos.
  7. Enjoy the event- there are only so many Red Dress Galas a girl gets to go to.... so take a moment or two and enjoy the event. 
  8. Before the show starts and people arrive... take a walk down the runway - why? Because - you can. And don't forget the fierce face.



I never like the idea of getting old... but today- while in an edit suite working on this lovely- I realized that birthdays are meant to be celebrated.
Yes, you are a year older- and yes that can be scary- but you also now have another year of life lived, laughs laughed, people met, places seen, things done, tears shed, and wisdom learned.
Birthdays are just a marker to remind you to take a moment and enjoy allll of that goodness- and goodness it sure is.



it's quiet around here- and it's gonna be for a bit.
IPP*s are due soon... and I've officially locked myself in an editing room for the foreseeable future.
In the meantime enjoy following my adventures on instagram. (it's the only thing i have time to update).

Until we meet again.

*if you get board and want to listen to some good music while you wait...


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