memory is slippery...

"Memory is slippery" Myrl Coulter, author of The House with the Broken Two, told us as she answered questions during her reading at the Winnipeg Writers Festival on Thursday. "You need to research your life if you want to write about it," she continued as she shared insight into writing her story.
I sat there entranced by her words and the story they wove. I was in awe of how graciously she let us into her life; no questions asked. She told us of how she gave up her baby, how she lived with the heartache, how she questioned if baby was alright. I can't even imagine what it would be like.
She shared how the book she wrote was becoming a tool to help others who had gone through the same thing. How her words were like light being shed on decades of silence. My eyes were fixed on her wondering how she was so brave. How she was able to open up her life to others in such a personable way? I wonder if she ever regretted starting sharing her story, wanting to take back the words that opened up her life like an exposed wound. I wonder if she felt judged like I do when I write things down, or worse when I share them out loud.

I wonder if I could be brave like her... maybe one day.

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