'Tis the season for friends, celebrating, family- and taking photos out when it's freezing cold.
I was honoured when friends of mine asked to take their family photos. We wondered around The Exchange district of Winnipeg and enjoyed the lightly falling snow, and freeeezing temperatures.

I'm always blown away when people let me be a part of their life (for a moment) and witness them just being them. To watch a family be a family- to laugh together, poke fun at each other, and talk about everyday things...
It's something I don't take for granted, and with each photo shoot I am reminded of how special these moments are.

As for the learning- you always learn new things on photo shoots... like:
1. Watch what you wear; wearing a skirt on a cold day while shooting is not smart.
2. Invest in gloves that you can wear while using a camera *(YOUR FINGERS WILL THANK YOU!)
3. Use your surroundings- buildings, backgrounds, brick walls... You never know what works till you try.
4. Invest in GLOVES!!!
5. Have a warmup plan: lots of blankes, hoodies, and hot-hot-hot coffee!!!! And have it ready to go for when you are finished taking photos.

Happy snapping!

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