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For the past few weeks, I've been trying to figure out what blogging looks like for me. I've spent time making lists, asking questions, making more lists... and I've come to the conclusion. For the longest time I thought to be a real blogger I could only write about one thing- and that I would have to be an expert on that subject. This drove me to near insanity because if you know me you know that I'm an expert in being a Jill of all triads. I love to learn about things that I don't know about, I love to pick up new hobbies, I like trying new things... and so to pick ONE  thing to blog about was as hard as picking a drink at Starbucks.
So what's this conclusion I had? As a baby blogger (someone still figuring this stuff all out) my blog really needs to be a sum of all of me. I realized my "thing" is having many things, and that a) I can't just pick one thing... and b) if I could pick a "thing" I wouldn't be able to write about anything without feeling like I didn't have enough to say, or important enough info to consider myself an "expert".
What does this mean for this blog?! Experiments!!! Seeing that it is the beginning of a new month I'm going roll out something I call BlogXperiment. I'm going to be posting different things on different days of the week that have to do with different topics/ ides/ interests I have. This hopefully will either help me figure out what I like bloggin' about, and also help me figure out what's important for you to read about.
I'm really excited about this because, well, either way- I get to figure out what makes me me... and let you join for the ride.
So here is to this weekend- this blog- and BlogXperiment 101.
Details coming October 1!


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