When the snow begins to fall, I tent to lock myself inside and reflect on journeys that once were.
In spring, I traveled across California to the Midwest and back home. It was a classic road trip adventure, spending hours in a car listening to music and drinking coffee. With over 50 cups of caffein between myself and my traveling buddy, the other half of #paulstown,  I feel like it's the best/only way to travel.
We strolled through San Fran, puttered through Portland and spent a brief stint in Seattle. It was in San Fran that the name #brewedhome stuck- probably between cup 5-10 of coffee and only on day one of the trip. From there on, it was a way to mark the journey. Our version of breadcrumbs being left behind, so that when one day, we could return. 

for more photos of the #brewedhome, click here.


You may have seen Joey + the lovely Ms Dubs way back when they first got engaged. It was awesome chilling with The Booth and his lady, but we all knew the best was yet to come. On May 24, we celebrated a full day of ‪#‎joeyanddubsforever‬. The following is a result of their blessed union.

 Many thanks to Joey and Victoria for allowing me to follow them around their special day. Here's to them and the many years to come!


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