the Booth*is back

You may recognize the guy in the photo as Joey Traa- the creator, producer, and host of the Red River Radio hit show entitled "The Booth." A classic RRR production, The Booth entertained listeners with a mix of new hip hop and rap, along with the classics. It went where no other radio show in Winnipeg would go, in a way that only Joey Traa could take it. For a real look at The Booth - click here to hear about it from Joey.
It wasn't too long ago that The Booth took it's final curtain call and said farewell to it's fans - and Joey moved forward in his career. 
Who knew that moving forward would also include Joey putting a ring on it - and getting engaged to the lovely Miss Dubs?! 
A huge congrats Joey and Victoria- to Joey for finding such a fantastic girl, and Victoria for finding someone you'll be able to laugh with for the rest of your life.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for.... A Booth Engagement

*can't get enough of "The Booth"- click here to view more photos
Can't wait for the wedding- and all the laughs, amazing poses, and facial expressions to come.

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