When the snow begins to fall, I tent to lock myself inside and reflect on journeys that once were.
In spring, I traveled across California to the Midwest and back home. It was a classic road trip adventure, spending hours in a car listening to music and drinking coffee. With over 50 cups of caffein between myself and my traveling buddy, the other half of #paulstown,  I feel like it's the best/only way to travel.
We strolled through San Fran, puttered through Portland and spent a brief stint in Seattle. It was in San Fran that the name #brewedhome stuck- probably between cup 5-10 of coffee and only on day one of the trip. From there on, it was a way to mark the journey. Our version of breadcrumbs being left behind, so that when one day, we could return. 

for more photos of the #brewedhome, click here.

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