We are nearing the end of the list...
And to let you all in on the stuff I was working on till all hours of the morning  I would like to introduce to you my official brand!!!!
Things that it includes

Brand Personality: creative, strategic,  pioneer, authentic, faithful
Brand differentiation:
You can’t put k*Sara in a box. She is full of energy, creativity, and loves the challenge of starting something new. And at the core of that start is strategy. She thinks big picture and long term, not just the next few steps in front of her. She is about honesty, integrity, and investing in community.
Brand Values:
Thinking outside the box with direction and authenticity.
Striving for the excellence with sincerity.
Founded in faithful living.
Brand Promise:
life shared *LIFE LIVED

Brand Vision: 
The future of k*SARA...
  • exceeds*ALL LIMITS
  • pours into*OTHERS
  • is*UNIQUE 
  • gives more*THAN SHE GETS
  • learns*CONTINUALLY
  • listens more*THAN TALKS
and last but not least my 
Brand Story:
My Omi is the most spectacular woman I have ever known. Confident to the core, she lived her life giving to others, even when she had little to give. She dedicated her life to her family, pouring her heart and soul into them. Blessed with wisdom, she was quick to listen and slow to speak. Her faith guided her life and anchored her soul. And although the world may say she was unknown- she made herself known to me.
My story begins where hers left off. Named with her in mind, k*SARA is a mix of my first and middle name. And more importantly a reminder of my lovely Omi, Sara.

My Omi and me!

You can also see this classy slideshow that I did...

And if you are super observant you may have notices that my web address has changed.

YES- that's right... Kristin is officially a dot com!!! lol (I don't know why I find that sooo very funny but I actually do... and I also feel like there are a few others who are laughing at (not with) me too! lol) But I'm will now and forever more blame school for this-- and secretly hid the fact that I've always wanted my own dot com site!

And now that this blog post is nearing an end... so is my last check of things to do.
So far I've survived CreComm (assuming my marks come back and I'm allowed in for round two)- and now it is time for a nap. A very long nap.

Who's kidding who-- now that we have spare time... a whole new list emerges... like cleaning the house, doing Christmas baking, plus the entire list of things that I want to accomplish on my Pinboard.
So here is to a break- not from doing stuff... just from CreComm (sigh....)

Keep watching for posts to what I pack every spare moment with!!! (because we all know I can't sit still and do nothing)


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