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When it comes to being a "creative" I know I'm in the fetus stages of my "career".  There's lots to learn when it comes to the technical side of video, design, writing, and photography, and- there is there is even more  to learn in balancing life & creative, or balancing creative & making a living from it.
A big way I learn is by watching those that have gone before me- you know... the ones that already have made it- and ask them questions about what they do, how they got there, and how they stay sane during the process... *(I'm still wondering if the sanity part is realistic).
One of those people I know is Jeremy Wat- He's a local Good Guy and does graphic design/illustration as freelance work, on top of his 9-5 job.
My friend Sydnie and I, got a chance to film him talking about his passion for design, but also how design fits into his life.These are his words of wisdom:
"Love what you do... and it will LOVE you back" 

Thanks Jer for allowing us to film & share your story. We're excited to see what you come up with next.  


No one was harmed in the making of this video--- but there were heaps of things learned:
  1. Check your audio- NOT JUST for good levels... but also that the audio is being recorded... other wise you have to go back and shoot the video again... *THANKS JER for being sooo very flexible, accommodating, and professional when someone asks to re-shoot something. 
  2. KIDS ARE CUTE- adding a baby in any video makes it 1000x more likeable. 
  3. B-ROLL is your friend- shoot lots of it.
  4. Editing is fun... but it takes time. Don't try and rush it or else you won't like the finished product regardless of how nice your shots are. 
  5. Again- check your audio & have a device *(like a laptop with an SD card reader with you) to check your footage before you get to far along with filming.
  6. Bring some coffee with you- a cup for you, but more importantly a cup for the person you're filming. As a struggling student ya might not have money- but you can buy coffee.
  7. If it's winter- your car might die on you- and you won't be able to make it to your shoot because you're car is a frozen block of ice... APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY- and get your car checked out so it doesn't happen again. If it turns out your block-heater doesn't work, get it fixed and reschedule your shoot time. And apologize again. Maybe bring some more coffee.



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