This last week we had the lovely people from Velocity Branding (a Winnipeg based brand strategy/marketing agency) come and chat with first year CreComm students.
There was some wonderful advise from Chris and Jason about branding...

Something that I really was struck by was the slide above "A brand is NOT what you say it is... It is what THEY say it is."
When I was creating my brand  last semester for class I remember struggling to know what to write about myself... I wanted it to not only sound great but be true to who I am. I spent hours on this (mostly sitting in front of a blank screen). And it struck me that I didn't use my greatest resource... I didn't ask others what it is they would say about me.
Clearly, it is a little awkward to talk to people about what they think of me, BUT it is way more authentic then having a list of words that I think are true to me, when really they aren't.
So the real question is who do you think I am? And am i true to what I say?!

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