the year of *class

Although it is the beginning of the new year, new resolutions (or revisiting old resolutions), and lists of new things to do  I am nearing the end of my own list of things to do. With just over a month until turn another year older younger I am dangerously close to finishing almost all of my list of 26 things to do (more to come on that) in "The Year of Class". Yes... I entitled this past year of my life The Year of Class because well; I feel it just felt like this would be a classy kind of year. And ever if there was a true test of if something should be included in The Year of Class I look no further than Audrey.
Audrey is the epitome of class- in fashion and style, in grace and poise... nothing compare with Audrey.
I stumbled across this photo from a blog that I am serious in love with (if only I knew how he found so many cool things)- and I it has now become the background of my computer.
I love how simple the photos are- yet the capture such an authentic moment in her life... as if they are  letting you into to their stroll down the lane.
sigh- now that is class.

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