Dear 2012,

Dearest 2012,
I have decided to write to you instead of reminiscing with 2011- Don't get me wrong... me and '11 had a lot of fun, many adventures, and many moments of sheer joy. And although I love making top 10 lists-  I would rather spend time thinking of you then thinking of this or that or the other things that have been.
I would like to thank you in advance for the times we will have.  I look forward to the trips and travels, the unknowing summer adventures, the relentless assignments and wonderful coffee dates.   I know there are sure to be some challenges along the way- but I hope you know that the things you lay in front of me are only going to push me to persevere- and perseverance must happen so that I may be grow into something beyond what you currently see... not lacking anything.

So here is to the next 365 days together- the happy days and the choices made.

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  1. And 2012 will give you an extra gift as well. Being a leap year, you'll have a bonus day to add to those 365!
    One more day to do great things in.


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