So much to do- so much to do... It's nearing the end of the semester which means the check list long and the time is short.
Things to do...
 blog (post)

Finish Electronic Pub
Finish Personal Brand
Finish PR Fact Sheet
Finish Creative Writing Re-write
Study for Ad Test
Study for PR Test
Thing I'm sure I'm forgetting...  x3

There is something calming about writing things down- but scary all at the same time. Thus to combat the things to do... we have things that got did...

Things that got did...
 blog (post, post)
Change Tires (and I did... with some help)

TV Test 
Family Farm visit
Make Promo Video : seen here...

When things start freaking me out and I can't do anything about it... then I turn to this list...
or I start filling out a list like this
And if non of that helps then I work plan B. Zoning out in front of the TV with either a season of Gilmore Girls, Greys anatomy, or even better The Big Bang Theory.
Currently I'm working my way through The Big Bang Theory... season 2.. disk 3... this isn't a good start to the week.
Here is to hoping I survive this week.


  1. Knock knock PENNY knock knock PENNY knock knock PENNY

  2. @Melanie Lee Lockhart
    HA! Love it! Side note: you know you watch to many episodes when you notice that he would have knocked x3 not just x2... sigh.

  3. I keep checking the boxes and expecting something to happen.

    I need that To Don't list!

  4. @Mark McAvoy ha- i didn't even realized you could check them off. Apparently I'm sooo tech savvy I don't even realize the things I do.


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