Taking photos of the W*family is always an adventure. Mom & dad W* always give me the forewarning that the kiddos have "energy", and I always take it as a personal challenge respond with "Bring it on! We'll see who gets tired out first!" 
We checked out the park around Fort Gibraltar - and found a great use for the exterior wall. It also might have been one of the best autumn days in Winnipeg this year, so clearly a leaf throwing was essential to the shoot. After about an hour of running, climbing, skipping, wondering through tall grass, hiding under the cover of fall foliage, and chugging along the train tracks we said our goodbyes... everyone a little more tired than when we began. But if anyone asks, I think I won. 
Take a look at the last photo and you be the judge.

*to see more photos click here
And the winner is....

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