I met Sarah & Graham this past summer - and in October I get a txt from Sarah asking me to take photos for their Winter Wedding.... in Saskatoon. To be honest I was a bit nervous. Shooting a winter wedding - where there would be both cold... and a high likelihood of snow seemed exciting, but also COLD and SNOWY. And shooting in Saskatoon (a place I've only been a handful of times), while being COLD seemed to add to my uncertainty of the situation. 
But if there is one thing I thrive on- it's being faced with a challenge. You say I can't do something... "Watch this!" is typically my response... 
It also helped that Sarah & Graham are just the funnest couple of people to take photos of- I knew there would be lots of laughs and lots of adventure along the way. And who can say no to fun and adventure!? Not this girl... So off we trekked to Saskatoon one wintery weekend not so long ago. 

This is the result of an amazing wedding- with fantastic people - who let me capture moments as they began life together.
*more wedded*winter photos...

To Sarah & Graham... If day 1 of your married life is a sign of the fun and adventure of things to come... I can't wait to see what day 365, 802, or 18390 and beyond look like!

As always there are things you learn when you take photos... ALWAYS something to learn... so in no particular order...

Wedding Photo tips (in winter, in a place you don't live):

  1. Get a ride with the wedding party. Because Saskatoon was totally foreign to me it was the best thing since sliced bread to drive with the wedding party (and great to get some driving shots along the way)
  2. Winter = COLD! Dress for it, I've said it before and I'll say it again- WEAR GLOVES. I almost passed out because it was soooo cold out. 
  3. Tailor-make the shoot for the couple. If they like skating... don't think that having a bride and groom tie up their laces and getting on the ice is out of the question.
  4. If it's winter- and you are going outside... switch locations up so some of them can be indoor to act as a warm-up moment. This is a tip for the wedding party as much as it is for you.
  5. Different locations have different photography policies... For example Starbucks DOESN'T like random photo-shoots to happen without approval from the district manager... And odds are you'll get kicked out of said Starbucks. On the bright side no one says you can't take photos outside of the location on the sidewalk!? 
  6. Roll, while ya go. Odd statement, you say?! Yes... but it's true. Roll with what you got while the getting is good, because who knows what's coming next. Make the most of the moment, and see what comes of it. And if it looks odd- you can always delete it after in post production. This is the blessing of having digital cameras. So take lots of photos- see what happens. You might capture your favourite moment yet...

Here is to your next photo adventure!


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