for LOVE*{and cars}

For as long as I've known Jon- he's loved cars. It was only recently that he found an even more classic love- a fantastic lady named Jana. They met just over a year ago, which seems hard to believe when you first meet them.
It was back in April when I got a chance to visit with both of them. When we sat to chat I got the feeling like they had known each other for years. They were so comfortable with each other - and liked to laugh, a lot. Which only made me more excited when they asked me to take a few snapshots of their wedding. 
Typically at weddings I'm used to spending more time with the bride- the girls doing makeup, hair, putting on dresses, but on this occasion- I was asked to hang out with the guys, and by extension got to experience a straight shave, coffee and CARS! 
And at the end of the day Jon got the best wedding photos I think he (or any guy) could ever ask for. 

Happy wedded day to you both- and to the many years of love {and cars} ahead.

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