A while back I landed the best gig in the world. I got a chance to not only watch, but film a near and dear friend of mine get married.
I say it was "the best" because I've known my friend for a while, but being that he's a guy and I wasn't going to be one of the groomsmen - filming got me in the door and I could be one of the boys for a while.
I also had the honour of filming his now wife, who over the past few years I've gotten to know and love. And can whole heartedly say - she brings out the best in him.
It was a fantastic day, with sooo many laughs- my sides were hurting by the end of it. And because as a friend I was there to enjoy the festivities (as well as film), I got to dance the night away.

So Cory and Samantha...

... I say thank you. And wish you two all the love in the world.



  1. amazing kristin! love it! i wish i had come across this sooner!
    :) good day.

    1. ohhhh- why thanks! I should have told ya sooner! It was lovely working alongside you that day... that needs to happen again soon!


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