winter *style

Winter in Winnipeg is always a challenge, especially when ya want to stay stylish *(I feel that's an oxymoron).
Either way... to help with the winter woes check out different ways to change up your look with the help of our all time fav. accessory = the scarf! 

And if that doesn't help you any remember that Starbucks is blessing us all with buy-one get-one holiday drinks. Talk about happy hour!


  1. Wait, woah, hold up. Buy one, GET ONE?! Huh?! You're telling me Starbucks has a BOGO deal. No. WAY.

    sigh- 'tis true... but it's already over. THere were only 3 days of bliss, and now it's back to full price.
    Next time I'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

  3. I had NO idea you could tie a scarf so many ways! I have to go home and practice. Right now.


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