Things I'm loving this November*
1* I've been missing my Thai friends a lot lately and am praying for them as the flooding in Thailand is affecting them a lot. To see more of Thailand***
2* Starbucks has their Christmas stuff out... nuff said.
3* I've been finding really cool places in the city and I heart this city more and more!
4* Pop Soda's Coffeehouse & Gallery; It's a new favourite place for me. It has great food, art, and music shows. To see inside***
5* Pinterest... This has been occupying much of my free time lately- I like pinning, but LOVE finding new ideas from others.
6* LINKwithlove.... I got a chance to interview Kal Barteski (local Winnipeg designer/artist/and amazing BLOGGER!!!) about a new initiative called LINKwithlove-- it's taking on the web in a whole new way to try and help both creative minds and their material stay safe on the www.

Sign... October is over... but right now it's 4 degrees outside... and that's something to LOVE especially in November**


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