day of the free press....

Turns out that yesterday was a Winnipeg Free Press themed  day- we had the editor of the Free Press, Margo Goodhand, come and talk with us CreCommers- it was exciting, inspiring, and calming to know that there is a job out there for someone who likes to take on the world and fill up her plate till it is overflowing. 

From there- the day just got better... I got a chance to hang out with a lovely friend of mine, *H, and catch up on life. We always try new and different places so we decided on meeting up at the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe... 
in short- best choice ever- who knew a bruschetta grilled cheese sandwich was even an option in life?!
I feel like *H's expression says it all. It was just that good. Too bad they closed at 6, because between the food and the conversation I think we could have been there till 11pm- just sayin.
Thanks *h for hanging out with me- I can't wait till we go on another adventure! Where to next is always the question... suggestions anyone!?



  1. Oh, yes. That Bruschetta Grilled Cheese does look amazing. Did you use a screen shot to incorporate your tweet into the blog? It looks really good!

  2. my suggestion: Lo Pub - I've heard great things.

  3. @Phoebe I've heard great things about them.. I'll will have to check it out- Thanks Phoebe!


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